Oh dear, someone doesn’t like you, Walt!

Bloget has in interesting bit of email correspondence from an anonymous source who has mean things to say about Walter Noeland everyone else at Fairfield Greenwich Group. Sigh – can’t we all just get along?


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2 responses to “Oh dear, someone doesn’t like you, Walt!

  1. Walt

    Oh COME ON for Pete’s Sakes Chris. You believe stuff you read on the internet?? That is dumber than trusting Bernie. And by HENRY BLODGET for Pete’s Sake?? I trust you know his pedigree, don’t you Chris? Give me a break.
    Anyway, FGG is alive and well. Rumors of our demise have been predicted for months now. So we stubbed our hoof a little. But trust me, we will be back in the saddle again!! And the Spring Social circuit is underway soon, so I need to bring my “A” game. Lots of fundraising at those rubber chicken affairs. Just ask Andreas!! And don’t get him started on those “What is worse? A lawyer or a realtor” jokes. He could go for hours.
    So that stuff Blodget posted is just a pack of lies. Trust me, the little people won’t say anything bad about good old Uncle Walt. They know if they do, I will slap them harder than I hit cabana boy!!
    Mums the word!!
    Off to Tennis!!!
    Your Pal,

  2. Stranger

    WSJ Breaking News: Massachusetts regulators charge Fairfield Greenwich with fraud.