There’s at least one builder still buying

22 Field Road

22 Field Road

Or I think there is, anyway, because this Riverside house was reported under contract today by an agent who often represents builders. Despite the glowing description in its listing, I thought it was tired old place whose disappearance would only benefit the neighborhood and that’s what I suspect its fate will be. I had my own strong opinion of its price of $1.29 million but either the buyer disagreed or did some strong bargaining. We’ll find out when its selling price is disclosed. Still, a sign of life.

8 Colonial Lane, right through this one’s back yard, more or less, is new construction that came on the market today for $3.595 million. That’s $876 per sq.ft. for the 4,100 above ground (it has another 1,600 or so below grade) which seems a tad aggressive, but the market, not I, decide things like that, so no angry emails, please. Good looking house.

Another new house whose location I was asked not to disclosed will be reported as sold today for $1.850 million. That’s something like $750,000 below its asking price so someone got a very nice at cost or below. There are good deals out there, if you look.


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2 responses to “There’s at least one builder still buying

  1. pulled up in OG

    22 Field – “tired old place whose disappearance would only benefit the neighborhood”

    Wow. Looks respectable enough in the pic.
    Must offend latter-day Riverside ethos, eh?

    • christopherfountain

      Pictures don’t always tell the story, Pulled up – that’s why we go to open houses. And, trust me or not on this, the house didn’t live up to its pictures.