Go ahead, borrow a camera

I was considering mentioning a house that’s dropped its price today but decided that, despite some money spent on improvements, it was still priced where it was bought in 2006. That’s not news, or noteworthy. But in reviewing its history I noticed that all of its interior shots were taken by the original seller’s broker, four years, two owners and three brokers ago. Digital cameras are everywhere and can be easily borrowed and the shots themselves are free. If you’re trying to get $3 million for a house, do the owner a favor and take a few pictures.


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3 responses to “Go ahead, borrow a camera

  1. anonymous

    Takes a moron seller to choose such an inept realtor

  2. SizeBuyer

    2 houses on morningside just reduced today…below selling price of circle drive a few weeks back. Seems the circle drive buyers were a little agressive?

    house on old mill reduced again today however in the listing it states that the sellers will entertain offers to 2.4xxxx so who is going to offer them the 2.7xxx that they just reduced it to?

    Is it me or are the others not getting it? My guess is that you could offer them 2.2 and commit to closing in a month and they would take it. Or they can go well you know…

    Meadowbank worth no more than what the current owners paid for it. FEMA flood zone, no basement…sold to you….

    I have said it before and I will say it again:

    It’s over!!!!! The money that pushed home values through the roof was play money, it didn’t exist…current sellers please understand this!!!! It is very important that you do!!! And it’s not coming back…not in our life time…

    You are wasting time, move on with your lives, sell that home, and enjoy whatever it is that you are intending to do.

  3. Anonymous

    Maybe the house looked better back then.