1/2 price sales

30 Strickland Rd

30 Strickland Rd

Well not quite, but there are a number of houses that have dropped way off their original asking prices – which is not to say, by any means, that their value has dropped that much – these houses were overpriced to begin with (an opinion based on the fact that they didn’t sell for what they asked) but they’re certainly approaching, and some have reached, a realistic level.

Thirty Strickland is a neat old (1749) house that could probably use a thorough renovation, but I love it the way it is, and it has a rentable cottage in the back that could offset some of those costs, perhaps. I think I’d have liked it better in 1749 before the Thruway went up a few hundred yards away but what is life if not change? This was listed last summer at $1.750 million – today it’s asking $995,000.

24 Maher Avenue, praised in this blog just recently, has dropped its price yet another $100,000, to $2.395 million, down significantly from its first price of $3.175 last April.

614 Riversville Road, another antique (1850) on four acres, started its latest sales history in 2007 priced at $4.2 million. Three brokers later, it’s back on the market today for $2.6. Wise decision.

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