Weirdest story of the day involves Steve Cohen, natch

Dealbreaker informs us that during the two weeks  Stevie Cohen is exhibiting his painting collection at Sotheby’s (the art store, not the Century 21 – owned real estate agency of the same name), the 10th floor deli is prohibited from selling panini. Lattes; corned beef on rye, hold the mustard, fine; but no panini, per express demand of Mr. Cohen. I can’t imagine what a panini ever did to the man to incur his wrath and cause this banishment but I know that Greenwich is populated with SAC survivors, and perhaps they can shed some light on this food allergy.

"But cake's okay, right?"

"But cake's okay, right?"


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16 responses to “Weirdest story of the day involves Steve Cohen, natch

  1. pulled up in OG

    The wife’s probably happy to have $450M worth of crap outta the house for a couple of weeks.

  2. anthonyfountain

    You sure do post a lot of pics of fat women.

    • christopherfountain

      Well if you don’t like seeing them, you should have taken the family picture album with you when you moved out!

  3. Walt

    First off, how many friggin Fountains are there? You guys seem to be multiplying quicker than the Filly’s (S.I.H).
    Anyhow, I know little Stevie. Tried to run some money for him, but he thought he could do it better than Bernie. Plus, he thought he could go direct if he wanted to, and cut out the WASP middleman. And screw me out of my commission He really pissed me off.
    I told him if he wanted to “fit in” in this town, he should go through me. Know what I mean, right Chris? RIGHT CHRIS!!
    But no luck. And then, THEN, he has the nerve to call me up and ask if I will sponsor him for The Round Hill Club!!! What is this guy on?? He is totally, bat shiat crazy!!
    So the panini story fits the bill. And don’t get me started on his house. How many bathrooms do you need for Pete’s Sake? Answer – ZERO!! That is why they invented Pampers!! So go buy some Stevie!!!
    Gotta go WORM!!!
    Your Pal,

  4. cos cobber

    Just who is this fake Walt? a scorned noel lover, walts caddy, a jealous cousin, the butler, a bitter former employee?
    My guess a feeder fund salesman who sold into walts fund.
    Who is fake walt is starting to be more interesting than the talr of the 5 phillies.

    • christopherfountain

      Say, wait a minute, Cos Cobber – fake? You’re saying that my pen pal Walt isn’t Walter Noel? Well that’s just the damnedest thing I’ve ever heard! And I refuse to believe it. The guy’s offered the hoof of one of his fillies to me in marriage – would a faker do that? I think not, thank you very much – we’re talking sincerity here.

  5. Walt

    Cos Cobber –
    So you think I am Funny?? How am I funny!! I am her to AMUSE you?? So tell me, HOW AM I FUNNY, HENRY?? (Goodfella’s, you losers)
    But anyway. Cos Cobber, you ignorant slut. Cos Cob is not really Greenwich. We made it up, so the little people had a place to live. It isn’t as nice as Stamford, for Pete’s Sake.
    A butler? A Butler??? You can’t shine cabana boy’s shoes. And Phillies are a baseball team. And they suck!!! So do the Filly’s (S.I.H) but not in that way. OOOPPPS!!!
    Going skinny dipping with Monica!!! GRRRRRR.
    Your Pal,

  6. Cos Cobber

    Walt, I think you amuse CF any certainly yourself, but me not so much.

    The question remains, who is fake Walt…probably a 30ish son of hedge funder whose Daddy rolled with FFG.

    You know its embassing to be from Greenwich at times. So you are right, I often tell people I live near Stamford and leave it at that.

  7. Hiram

    I think Fake Walt’s posts come from the faculty lounge at GHS. He amuses me only by the stubborn pride he seems to take in his illiteracy.

  8. Walt

    Hey (HAY!!!) Cos Cobber –
    It’s not my fault you have no sense of humor. Blame your parents.
    Q – What is the difference between Cos Cob and the Bronx?
    A – About 20 miles!!!!
    Off to Breakfast!!!
    Your Pal,

  9. Cos Cobber

    Walt, you pompous ass (that’s from SNL you loser in case you didn’t know), at the end of the day your just a poser killing time with a creative writing exercise.

    I am sure you can relate to this; I’m sticking with my spelling of Phillies so Eat It Walt. Huh, might be time to change your shtick if the little people are copying it.

    Now who doesn’t have a sense of humor?

    • christopherfountain

      I’m going to have to take the crayons from certain naughty children here if they can’t all just get along! Or at least, send everyone to their (own – we don’t share in Greenwich) bedroom for a time out.

  10. Cos Cobber

    I was just matching his style of playfulness.

    And he started it.

    Off to shine the rims on my Jeep Wrangler and add a spoiler to my canoe.
    See you at Arcuri’s,
    Keeping it real.
    -Cos Cobber

    • christopherfountain

      Have a Mojito on Walt’s tab at Gateway – just use his name! (but do it quickly, before his bar tab’s frozen by that mean old David Goleb)

  11. Walt

    I would be delighted to buy Cos Cobber a drink. If she promises to not show up wearing a long face. I have 5 of them I have to look at all day!!
    Off to Lunch!!!
    Your pal,

  12. pulled up in OG

    Methinks a collection of Walt’s posts would do rather well. Maybe not on the Times list, but Amazon’s Sales Rank should easily break into the top million. (wink)