Well if anyone would be an improvement this qualifies, barely

Our former First Selectman Roger Pearson, that amible do-nothing dunce perhaps best known for impersonating police officers and stopping motorists, has decided to challenge Dodd for the Demmerkrat nomination. Dodd, who now enjoys a 60% disapproval rating in the Nutmeg state, is in more danger of laughing himself to death than lose his seat to this clown, but it’s a start. Greenwich’s other least favorite son, Richard Blumenthal, remains aloof from the fray and will stay on the sidelines until Dodd actually quits. Greenwich Time, by the way, sees nothing newsworthy about any of this, although they did finally post the poll results for Dodd today, 24 hours after the rest of the country knew about them. Did you notice that the paper raised its price to seventy-five cents recently? Never mind for what, it’s fun to speculate that GT has been taken over by one of those insane house builders here in town who, when no one will buy his product at one price, raises it to teach them a lesson in gratitude.

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