Then and now

23 Stanwich

23 Stanwich

23 Stanwich Road: January, 2005. Ask: $1.995 million. Sold (in 6 days): $2.275 million.

April 2008, ask: $2.395 Today’s ask: $1.875


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2 responses to “Then and now

  1. InfoDiva

    It’s 23 Stanwich Road, Chris. Stanwich Lane is a smaller, circular road nearby.

  2. Ruth

    I have seen this small house with a narrow slippery downhill driveway. It maybe down from the 2005 price but in this economy it seems still over-priced. My own yardstick to assess more realistic value of today’s market is to discount 30% from the peak price. That would yield 1.59 in this case, and I could not over-emphasize that is today’s market, as I have no idea when this downslide would stop. My prediction is not that soon but of course what do I know. I used to work at a hedge fund…