Well I probably can’t make the kind of money at this that I’d like, but maybe Joe Barbieri can

Get down tonight!

Get down tonight!

Wall Street types and real estate agents are finding new careers as strippers at “Gentlemen’s Clubs” (an oxymoron if I ever heard one) in New York City. The linked NY Post article only mentions opportunities for girls but I’ll bet there’s a market for Greenwich’s own Joe Barbieri to strut his stuff.


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2 responses to “Well I probably can’t make the kind of money at this that I’d like, but maybe Joe Barbieri can

  1. Walt

    You know, Chris, it is always smart to ponder what you do next in life. Especially when rough times hit. And you guys have clubbed me harder this week than an Eskimo does to a seal pup.
    So I have been sitting on the beach and reflecting on what to do next. I am glad you seem to be doing the same, as the real estate market is going to be in the crapper for a while. Just like me Chris, you need to re-invent yourself. So let me give you some advice, if you will kindly allow me. And share some of my thoughts.
    Number 1 – Capitalize on what you do best. In your (not going there!!) case Chris, I have no idea. It certainly isn’t journalism. (HAAHHHH – like blogging is real writing – I get the pretend game!!) Anybody who reads this blog knows you struggle writing a post-it note. But thats OK. Do an inventory. What assets do you have? Contacts!!! And I think you can shmooze Dude. Figure out how to leverage that. Stay away from car sales, though. That market is tougher than real estate right now for Pete’s Sake.
    But enough about you.
    We both clearly need to change, Chris. Monica, God Bless her, is a SAINT, but she is a one trick pon…. We are stuck in a rut. So I need to deal with that. Bar whats her name number would help in that regard.
    Anway, lets talk when I get back.
    Late for tennis!!!
    Your Pal,

  2. anonymous

    During Credit Bubble, many strippers/call girls in LV simultaneously worked as mortgage brokers/realtors in LV or OC or Phoenix…