Call him crazy?

I received the following email from a regular reader who strikes me as one of the saner people on this board (well, compared to Walt and me). But I don’t watch TV and I never watch Obama so I haven’t witnessed what he’s reporting. Have you? Is our leader aiming to include all the world as his subjects?

Maybe I am being overly sensitive but I have noted a subtle change in lexicon over the past couple of months.

On more than a few occasions since the new Administration has been in place, I have heard Obama, Romer, Podesta and others use the term “citizen” or “citizens” in speeches or TV interviews. The usage was in reference to what were heretofore referred to as “people” or a Bushy “folks”. Obama used “citizen” repeatedly yesterday in London.

Now, this may be a sign of many things, including a more literate resident of 1600. However, I find the usage to be more than a bit coincidental. Given all the talk at the G20 of “global” this and “international” that, I see a means to an end. “Global citizen(s)” works, “global person/people” doesn’t. And “global folks” is an abomination.

Now, don’t start accusing me of being paranoid or spending too much time reading blogs emanating from bunkers in Utah. This may be nothing. However, “citizen”, or the title “Citizen”, is a fixture in history (ie French Revolution) and certainly in fiction (ie “1984” and many other stories with authoritarian regimes). I will remain sensitive to it but expect a follow up email when I hear the term “global citizens” repeatedly from the powers that be.

See, if your leaders are going to cede certain aspects of American sovereignty to a global collective, you have to convince the sheep, sorry, citizens, that it is in their best interests.

Sure, I sound like Glenn Beck, but what will you say when the new global combine that will now set financial regulations starts dictating what employees of American “systemically important” can earn?  The French, Russian or Chinese dictating what middle managers at hedge funds, banks, exchanges or insurance companies can earn? Nah, that’s not possible…..


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3 responses to “Call him crazy?

  1. Walt

    Yeah – I buy it:

    Off to Happy Hour!!!!
    Your Pal,

  2. greenmtnpunter

    The quickest way to educate Americans about the dangers of “citizen of the world” and other One World psychobabble is to publish the EU Regulatory Register so all can see what is meant by “statist”, bureaucratic overreach in the extreme. The EU is micromanagement to the nth degree, the ultimate nanny state. Horrors! Hayek was absolutely right about Socialism and bureaucratic states, they are indeed “The Road to Serfdom”.

  3. Red

    Well, after 8 years of American people being treated like “subjects” to an all-seeing, all-knowing imperial presidency, I think “citizen” is a vast improvement!

    And as for this “internationalist” fear-mongering of Glenn Beck et al — can we please not return to McCarthyism?