Well if nobody else wants them, what’s the big deal?

Greenwich Lexus clerk charged with renting out unsold cars to her friends for $100 a day. She shows a little initiative getting cars off the lot and the cops come down on her like a ton of bricks. Sheesh! I guess I’ll put my own plan of renting out unsold spec houses on hold, at least until this blows over.


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3 responses to “Well if nobody else wants them, what’s the big deal?

  1. OGRCC

    i guess i’ll have to put my plans on hold for squatting in some of these greenwich mansions this summer

  2. anonymous

    In Beverly Hills, unsold “mansions” are often rented out for porn films; gotta film somewhere; those pools are such cool settings; stains are no worse than what most used houses anywhere have, right? Nothing a good cleaning won’t solve

    Greenwich has similar tacky spec houses but lacks a local entertainment industry

  3. OGRCC

    there is an unsold house on chimney corners (chris correct me if I am wrong), that would be an ideal location for a porn shoot. not like I would know or anything.