Wrong wrong wrong – all wrong!

Thanks to Walt (again – Monica must be out this evening and left him with nothing to do) here’s a New York Magazine picture feature of homes put up for sale by Madoff “victims”. The last one included is that townhouse by Greenwich’s Chuck Murphy, of Round Hill Road. he worked with Walter, for crimminy sakes, so he’s hardly a victim. Still some nice houses, from the Hamptons to SoHo. One suggestion to the estate of the $2.2 million place (2nd featured):if it’s been for sale since May and you’ve only dropped it $100,000, you’ve got a ways to go.

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One response to “Wrong wrong wrong – all wrong!

  1. Walt

    You know Chris, you are right. Monica went to Palm Beach to check on the renovations. And will probably wind up in litigation with a contractor.
    But that is a story for another time.
    So I miss her, but I have had time to reflect. Which you do a lot at my age. And, often I can’t remember anything to reflect on, but again, that is a story for a different time, Chris.
    But you know, even though I may have hit a few speed bumps over the last few months, I have had a WONDEFUL LIFE!!!
    Now you may think I am crazy, and thats ok, but we could make a movie on this!!! And clean up my friend!!! It could become a classic!!!
    Let’s say some guy – (I like the name George Bailey), hits a rough patch, is really having issues coping. He lost a LOT of other peoples money. He actually thinks about jumping off a bridge, for Pete’s Sake!!
    But then he reflects on his life, realizes how much good he did, loves his 5 filly’s (S.I.H), and turns it all around!!!
    I am still thinking this through, and have to work on the treatment, but I think I have a winner here. And YES – I play George Bailey.
    You in???
    Now I really do need to go. Basil’s is ROCKING and the ball and chain are AWAY!!!
    Your Pal,