Hit us again, hit us again, harder, harder!

Al-Qaeda moves into Yemen as government loses control.


Yemen’s own government says it doesn’t control enough territory to crack down on al-Qaeda bases in the hinterland. That is raising U.S. concerns that the repatriation of as many as 100 Yemeni inmates after the closure of the Guantanamo Bay detention facility in Cuba will increase the ranks of al-Qaeda.

“Its aim is not only to attack Yemen and Saudi Arabia, but also to hit U.S. and Western targets elsewhere,” said Rohan Gunaratna, head of the Singapore-based International Center for Political Violence and Terrorism Research. “Unless this epicenter is neutralized, there will be a sustained and continuous threat.”

But by closing down Guantanamo we will ensure that the world loves us again so no fear, mate, eh?

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  1. can’t buy me love, love. can’t buy me love, love.


    By closing Guantanamo, we will help move back toward a situation where the US has a little bit of moral authority again, and where the rule of law starts to mean something, again. We lost that, and it’s really just not OK to be a country that houses people in cages, without trials or any accountability, for years and years.

    Recall that many of those held have been sent away, that some of those held really didn’t do anything we considered to be criminal, and that in any case there is reciprocity in the world – those things we do to other countries’ citizens may be done to ours. And it’s just not enough to say that no other country’d dare because we’ll bomb them to hell and then back again for good measure. This is not a good strategy, as has already been demonstrated in practice.