Walter, have you been emailing us from abroad?

From a reader, this interesting tidbit:

Apparently the Noels have been to 4 countries in 3 weeks  Switzerland, England Brazil and ?? wonder why. Where are they hiding there $ and can the lawyers here freeze it  but first of all find it??

I could be wrong but heard this from a reliable source!! 

If I were Walt, I’d not only be off out of the country visiting my money, I’d stay there with it. Switzerland protects against extradition against tax evasion (so does a contribution to Bill Clinton) but I don’t know about money laundering, which seems likely to be the criminal hurdle Walt may trip over. I’m sure the Noels have lawyers to advise them on  this sort of thing but for us little people, there ought to be a handy Internet guide for countries you can hide in, for specific crimes. Perhaps there is – I’ll go look.

UPDATE: this lawyer seems to have a great website with lots of informative stuff.


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3 responses to “Walter, have you been emailing us from abroad?

  1. Walt

    Chris, Chris, Chris;
    I have been right here on the beach. Monica may have popped down to Brazil to say hi to some relatives. Nothing more than that. No story here, you take off your pretend journalist hat. Vanity Fair still thinks the filly’s (S.I.H.) are attractive though!!!
    Gotta love that!!
    Off to Basil’s!!!
    Your Pal,

  2. Walt

    Chris. Dude. Listen up.
    So I was sitting at Basils this afternoon, like I usually do, scoping out the hotties, and laughing at the above post. It really is funny.
    But it made me think, what am I really, really good at? Better than anyone else? Raising money? No, that would be a really good guess, but Andres gives me a real run for the money (get it!!!)
    My Jimmy Stewart impersonation? ANOTHER great guess, but WRONG AGAIN!!!
    And then it hit me. No one, NO ONE ON THE PLANET, vacations like I do. I am sure of it. That is all I do, for Pete’s Sake – and I am darn good at it. The BEST, if I do say so myself.
    So following my motto of focusing on what you do best, here is the idea. A movie called “Mr. Noel Takes a Vacation”!!! It’s a lighthearted romantic comedy, early 1960’s style. Here is the basic plot.
    Mr. Noel is a harried city dweller who longs to take his family to the seashore for a vacation. He and his wife Monica do get the family to the sand, but new problems develop there, and the vacation turns out to be a mixed blessing.
    I will flesh it out more tomorrow, but it’s BRILLIANT I tell ya. It will be a riot!!! Bar what’s her name can play Monica. Do you know if she has an accent? Wait, who am I kidding? I don’t even care if she has a head. She has the part. I envision the Mr. Noel role to be a Jimmy Stewart type of guy, so I am playing that.
    Ok – now the best part. Since this blog inspired me, I am cutting some of you guys in.
    Chris, because you are a professional journalist (I always laugh when I type that) you can help with the script!! Wait. Scratch that – you write like horse shi… Uh, your writing needs some work. Plus, it’s a comedy, and you have no sense of humor.
    Hiram – he can proofread and edit!! Wait. Scratch that. He doesn’t get speed to market, and we will waste days arguing over punctuation. Plus, the filly’s (S.I.H.) are in it, so it clearly won’t work
    Retired IB’er can raise the financing!! Wait – he doesn’t understand that printing trillions of dollars of new money causes inflation. No matter how logically I explain why this is the wrong conclusion. So that won’t work either.
    Anyway, I tried not to leave you losers behind. Chris, I will toss you a writing credit if it helps your professional journalistic career (HAAAA!!!). Just let me know, Buddy.
    Off to DINNER!!!!
    Your Pal,

  3. Walt

    Hey (HAY!!!) Bernie has a new gig. If he needs to cancel for some reason, I have some free time on my hands:
    Off to Tennis!!!!
    Your Pal,