Contracts this year

A total of fifty units, single family, co-op and condo have gone to contract this year. Some have sold, some are still in contract so we don’t know final sales prices for all fifty, but on the reasonable assumption that not much has gone for more than its asking price since January, we can tell the following: Nothing has broken the $6.950 million barrier.

(So get this, sports fans: we have sold no – zero – houses at $6.950 or more this year. How many houses are currently for sale at that price or above? The answer is, 97).

So what has sold?

11 Co-ops and condos, ranging from really, really cheap to the astonishing price of $2.3 million on Valley Road. I wonder who wants to be one of two owners in that complex, and what his agent told him to instill such bravery? Never mind, let’s look at single families:

$6-$7 million:  3

$5-$6 million:  2

$4-$5 million:  0

$3-$4 million: 6

$2-$3 million: 5

$1-$2 million: 13

$900 -$1 million: 2

$800-$900,000:  2

$700,000-$800,000: 1

$600,000-$700,000: 3

$400,000-$500,000: 2

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  1. anonymous

    YTD sales data speaks louder than any qualitative rhetoric…or asking prices