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Easter May be delayed (Blame Suzie for this!)


 But where were the eggs?

But where were the eggs?


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Uncle Walt’s partner Tucker lawyers up


Will bang gongs for food

Will bang gongs for food

FGG’s non-senile partner, Jeffrey Tucker, has hired former U.S. Attorney Stan Twardy and wants his assets unfrozen. The hearing on Attorney David Goleb’s pre-judgement remedy of freeing the assets of Walt, Jeffrey, Andres and everyone else related to the Madoff fraud stupid enough to have assets in Connecticut is scheduled for Monday, April 13th, according to news reports. I’m going to try to find out if that date’s still on and if so, try to be in Bridgeport Superior Court to see it. Twardy and Goleb, two excellent litigators, should put on quite a show.


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This case has lasted ten times longer than the Third reich

Demjanjuk ordered deported, again.

Israel had the right idea: hang him.

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I know the Hamptons aren’t Greenwich

But we share the same buyer pool – really. A surprising number of Greenwich homes are occupied only on weekends and, more important, financial services industry folks buy in Greenwich and Long Island. So news that the number of sales dropped 67% out there in the first quarter is at least somewhat relevant to home sellers here. In fact, I believe the Hamptons did better than we did.

Prices Plummet

The median sales price fell 28 percent from the year earlier to $698,461, Town & Country said. The decline was largely due to fewer sales of $5 million or more.

The total value of all real estate sold in the Hamptons in the first quarter fell 78 percent to $140.2 million.

In Southampton Village, home to the most expensive property sale in 2008 at $60 million, transactions declined 85 percent in the quarter to just three houses. The total value of all homes sold in the village was $2.8 million, a 98 percent decline from the year earlier, when $166.3 million in property changed hands.

In East Hampton Village sales fell 81 percent, also to three houses. The total value of all homes sold there was $4.1 million, a 95 percent decline.

“Those are your iron-clad, been-there-for-over-a-hundred- years, been-used-by-the-Kennedys areas,” said Desiderio. “It’s the blue-chip, best-of-the-best. I would never expect that.”

Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition.


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Jessie Jackson is learning to blog right now

Left wing bloggers try  extortion on guilt-ridden Democrats.

Anything you can blog, I can blog better, Hymie!

Anything you can blog, I can blog better, Hymie!

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Two nice things about Greenwich

The cops expect drivers to stop for pedestrians in crosswalks and have the time to ticket those who don’t. The story of cops going undercover to pose as pedestrians and signal ahead to report drivers who refused to yield would be laughable in a real city. That said, I’m glad I live in a town small and quiet enough that the police can attend to such a small, but annoying problem.


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No local real estate news today

The MLS is closed, so nothing much to report but I’ll work on it.

Word is that the “unconventional buyer” who I’d hinted previously was going to buy a spec house in the Round Hill neighborhood has pulled out from the deal and set his sights on an equally garish new home in another section of town. Too bad, as I’d been looking forward to his first tea with Monica, Walt and the admissions committee at Round Hill Club.

But, just speaking from past experience, this successful businessman man may never join us here in verdant Greenwich. Greenwich attracts a number of kooks and frauds who like to show up and pretend to their girlfriends that they’re going to buy a huge spread among the WASPS and, after looking quite serious about a number of huge deals, return to Queens or whatever rock they slithered out from under, never to be heard from agin – perhaps they’re rubbed out. I wouldn’t pretend to know if this gentleman with a taste for (lots of) gold jewelry is from Queens, or whether he’s a poser, but I wouldn’t be spending my commission check if I were his broker. Not quite yet, anyway.


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