Uncle Walt’s partner Tucker lawyers up


Will bang gongs for food

Will bang gongs for food

FGG’s non-senile partner, Jeffrey Tucker, has hired former U.S. Attorney Stan Twardy and wants his assets unfrozen. The hearing on Attorney David Goleb’s pre-judgement remedy of freeing the assets of Walt, Jeffrey, Andres and everyone else related to the Madoff fraud stupid enough to have assets in Connecticut is scheduled for Monday, April 13th, according to news reports. I’m going to try to find out if that date’s still on and if so, try to be in Bridgeport Superior Court to see it. Twardy and Goleb, two excellent litigators, should put on quite a show.


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13 responses to “Uncle Walt’s partner Tucker lawyers up

  1. Inagua

    Tucker might not be senile, but he sure is a fool:

    >>An intriguing insight comes in an email sent just three days before Madoff’s arrest by Jeffrey Tucker, the co-founder of Fairfield. At the time, Madoff’s house of cards was beginning to collapse as investors, spooked by the financial crisis, pulled out large sums of money – known as redemptions. Bernie wanted Fairfield to replace the outflow of money.

    Tucker wrote to Fairfield’s executive committee: “Just got off the phone with a very angry Bernie who said if we can’t replace the redemptions for 12/31 he is going to close the account. His traders are ‘tired of dealing with all these hedge funds’ and there are plenty of institutions who can replace the money. They have been offered this all along but ‘remained loyal to us’.”

    Shortly after midday on 8 December, Tucker signs off: “Not sure of our next step but we best talk. I believe he is sincere.”

    The last sentence is telling – Tucker who, ironically, is a former securities and exchange commission (SEC) official, fell hook, line and sinker for Bernie’s bullying bravado shtick. It was a load of nonsense – there were no other institutions willing to provide money and Madoff confessed 72 hours later that his business was riddled with lies.<<

  2. Tucker's lawyer-Nice Spread in Wilton

    Stan Twardy was asked by Lieberman and Dudd to pick federal judge appointment in CT. Connections? Hopefully no prejudice in the trial.

    Check out Stan’s nice Wilton spread-he earn it.
    What does Tucker care what the legal bills is-it was all crime money or other people money-the rat.


  3. $18 Million

    Is it money laudering if you cash out property for money? Tucker takes a piece of the Ponzi, buys farms in New York, and now sells it for cash.


  4. Don't Understand

    I don’t understand how Tucker, Noel, or Piedrahita could ever claim the money they got from Bernie could be their’s after the Madoff confessed. Any money they got from Bernie directly should be abandoned and given up immediately since it was obtained through false claims. How can they believe they earned it?

    These FGG guys were selling illigitimate goods or a fake painting. People paid they a lot of money thinking they were buying the Mona Lisa. Why do they think they should keep those kind of proceeds?

  5. Honeymoon? or Nightmare?

    Beth & Gary honeymooned on Mustique and met Walter. Wonder what they say now? Fraudster! Noel.


    View of Mustique house.


  6. Yanko plays golf?

    Yes 10:03 am tee time at a Milan golf course on April 5 with players Alberto Guidotti and Sandro Buzzi. Noel’s son-in-law brushing up on golf and spending somebody elses money. Incredible.

    Yanko della Schiava marries the second daughter Lisa Noel.


  7. Noel S-I-L Yanko GOLF friends

    Sandro Buzzi likes Yanko della Schiava as a golfing partner-business partner maybe no.


    Alberto Guidolti is another friend of Yanko – Milan based – born in 1954.


    Two People who like a fraudster!

  8. Polar Beer heir

    FGG Defendant Maria Teresa Pulido de Mendoza is an heir to the Polar Beer fortune. She joined in 2007 in London. Her husband is a friend of Andres Piedrahita, Fernando Fernandez de Cordova, the son of the Duke of Arion. He joined in 2006.


  9. Walt

    Ok. You guys just don’t get it. Allow me to explain.
    Stan Twardy is great pick on Tuckers part. Trust me. Stan is the man.
    Iguana – my reptilian friend. Get your facts straight. Or STFU.
    I founded FGG. We are not co-founders. I ALLOWED Tucker to merge his firm with mine, and treated him as my partner. You can look it up. So get your facts straight or crawl back under that rock from whence you came.
    And so Tucker sent an e-mail saying he wanted to talk. BOOOOOO!!!!! What the frig is wrong with that? I WANT TO WORM!!! What is that telling you, you tin hat wearing, conspiracy chasing know it all, lizard boy? Well what is it?
    Now – the stupid fake Mona Lisa analogy, and why we should keep the money. BECAUSE WE EARNED IT!! (think John Houseman – Smith Barney commercials!!) When Chris sold you a run down double wide on a 50′ x 100′ lot for $2.5 mill, and you asked for his commission back, what do you think he did? He LAUGHED!!!! All the way to the bank. We are no different. So refunds are not allowed. SORRY!!!!
    And the pictures from Mustique. Thanks for posting. I look pretty dapper. Maybe Bar what’s he name will see them!!
    Chris, if you go to court Monday, brown bag it. The cafeteria sucks!!
    Off to LUNCH!!!!!!
    Your Pal,

  10. FGG Partner Maria Teresa Pulhida de Mendoza

    Lawyers might what to focus on this FGG Partner. Her brother is #334 on the Forbes Billionaire list with about $5 Billion dollars and he is only 42 years old. She is married to other FGG Partner Fernando Fernandez de Cordova, a friend of Andres P. in London.


  11. Walt

    The filly’s (S.I.H.) put her to shame:
    Off to Brunch!!!
    Your Pal,