Mongo just pawn in great game of life, but …

What’s so difficult about this? Pirates are seizing our ships and killing and capturing our seamen. We know where they’re based and we know, because Stephen Decator showed us how to do it in 1805 or so, that destroying those bases ends piracy. Boom – end of problem. The thugs holding that brave Vermonter? They’re in a life boat with him, in the middle of the ocean. They might be open to reason if they had nowhere to return to and no one to ask for help. Let’s try it and see.

UPDATE: Christian Science Monitor has a round up of similar opinions.


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9 responses to “Mongo just pawn in great game of life, but …

  1. Anonymous

    Is this:
    a) an “overseas contingency operation.”
    b) a “man caused disaster,”
    c) a distraction from the more important work of implementing One World Socialism,
    d) another opportunity for President Messiah to do what he does best in foreign policy: bend over, like he did for the Saudi King, Kim Jong-Il, the Iranians, the Taliban, our alleged NATO allies….

  2. Anonymous

    unbelievable. We don’t have a small battle craft to take the lifeboat?

  3. Front Row Phil

    Enough is enough, Anonymous! Your comments have crossed the line from cute and provocative to
    genuinely mean-spirited and anti-Semitic, not to mention idiotic. Your tongue is no longer in your cheek, it’s up your asshole. Yes, you’re anonymous, Anonymous. But you still have to live with yourself. Put down the bottle, schmuck, clearly you’ve had enough.

  4. pulled up in OG

    I want to say one word to you, Benjamin. Just one word . . . submarines.

  5. Walt

    Front Row –
    What am I missing? Anti-semetic? Don’t see it. I don’t see mean spirited either. What did he say that got you going? Just wondering.
    Back to Basils!!!
    Your confused Pal,

    • christopherfountain

      I deleted the offending comment, Walt but the poster has indeed been going on about Israel and the Jews for awhile now so I got tired of deleting him and have consigned him to the spam drawer.

  6. Walt

    Dude –
    You are freaking me out. I thought the Alzheimers kicked in. For real!! Now I really am going to Basils. For doubles on you!!
    Off to Basils,
    Your Pal,

  7. New Buyer

    What is so stunning is that more than a 12 ships and 200 people are currently being help captive by Somali pirates & that this is an 80 million dollar a year business. According to the AP, the pirates have filled several boats with dozens of Russian, German & Filipino kidnap victims and are threatening their death if the US attacks the lifeboat. Just this morning the French botched an attempt to save a family with a 3 yr old baby held captive on a sailboat — the father was killed in the crossfire. The brazenness, breadth and frequency of these attacks is mind boggling. Since no group can police a million square miles of open sea, we better start policing/attacking Somali pirates in or near their home ports.