3 1/2 months to decide on a dog, how many days to decide to shoot a pirate?

One troubling point in the terrific take down of those pirates by Navy SEALS is that, according to the NYT, Obama and his advisors dithered over whether to allow it. Doesn’t seem to be that difficult a decision but I’m insensitive to nuance. There’s talk now of bombing the pirates base; whoopee. If we can’t explode a few heads without days of meetings and consultations I wouldn’t expect any meaningful action on the Somali shore for at least a few years.

The Defense Department twice sought Mr. Obama’s permission to use force to rescue Captain Phillips, most recently on Friday night, senior defense officials said. On Saturday morning, the president agreed, they said, if it appeared that the captain’s life was in imminent danger.


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5 responses to “3 1/2 months to decide on a dog, how many days to decide to shoot a pirate?

  1. anonymous

    He was busy choosing toppings for his deep-dish pizza party…and don’t forgot the redecorating of the WH living qtrs…lots of choices, so little time….community organizing was so much easier

  2. John in Derby

    I beleive the A-10 “Groundhog” low level attack fighter and it’s 20 mm mini gun, a multi-barrel decendant of the gatling gun, is a perfect example of appropriate technology for dealing with these pirates.

    Hillary, I’m afraid, will want to invite them to a summit meeting somewhere like Davos. Make fish food out of them I say and make it soon.

    Enjoy your writing,


  3. Spooky will be a better choice when we go after the bases.

  4. edgewater

    scary to think that obama is in charge of anything more important than a local post office.

  5. Say What?

    I thought for sure he was going to buy that Pit Bull from Michael Vick. I guess some people just want to be politically correct.