I must be the only pessimist in town

New listings keep coming on at prices that show that some of us here in Greenwich think the market is poised for a comeback and who am I to argue? Here are two listings new today.

36 Weaver St

36 Weaver St

Bought new in 1999 for $1.575, 4,000 sq. ft. on 0.75 acre. Assessed value: $1.727. Asking price: $3.350 million. Price per sq. ft.: $837.50



35 Lockwood (OG)

35 Lockwood (OG)

Bought new in 2004 at full asking price, $2.795. 3,900 sq. ft (plus finished basement) 0.3 acre. Asking price today: $3.3 million. Price per sq. ft: aprox. $850


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2 responses to “I must be the only pessimist in town

  1. PrimeTimeMom

    Same pricing/thinking is going on here in San Diego. Many of these houses have been for sale since we moved here a year ago. We’ve decided to rent for another six months and see where the chips fall.

  2. lisa

    Just who is going to be buying these $3M+ homes? I heard from a friend yesterday that only one single family house over $2M has closed in Stamford in the last 6 months!