Make room for Daddy (and daughter and …)

According to the NY Post, Bernie Madoff’s niece Shana, compliance officer for Madoff  and the daughter of brother Peter, has hired a consultant on how to adjust to prison life. I was just posting on this and wondering whether Walt was retaining the same service when the dude himself emailed in to say that he was not planning to do that. Atta Boy, Walt – stiff upper lip and all that. But better not “stall”, so to speak – your fill(y’s) may need help adjusting to different bits and saddle blankets.

Shana “has been asking around what it’s like to do time,” another source said.

That source said she had contacted Levine “to learn how to game the system, so you end up in Club Fed, not Leavenworth.

“Shana was a compliance officer and signed a lot of documents, saying they were correct,” the source said. “She may have a problem.”

Levine said, “Another male member of Madoff’s family also contacted me, independently” on the same subject.

He said a representative of Bernard had contacted him before the Ponzi scammer went to jail, but the rep’s lawyers declined to let him take the course because his phone chats were being monitored. None of the Madoffs has yet sent money to Levine, he said.


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4 responses to “Make room for Daddy (and daughter and …)

  1. Walt

    The only lessons I am taking are tennis lessons!!!
    Late for Lunch!!!
    Your pal,

  2. Walt

    If you were nicer to me, Chris, I could have gotten you the listing. The filly’s (S.I.H) are really gonna miss this place.

    Back To Lunch!!!
    Your Pal,

  3. Inagua


    I see from the attached that Ariane and Marco spent Easter on Mustique. How come the family wasn’t all together? Is it true that Marco had his own money in Sentry?

    • christopherfountain

      I assume, Inagua, that in honor of Easter, the rest of the family was scattered around the globe hiding their eggs.