Marilyn Chambers dead at 56

marilyn-chairJeeze, that’s too bad. My law school classmate, Chuck Boisseau, attended Staples High School with her, before the Ivory Snow ads and, too bad for him, before “Behind the Green Door”. He only admired her from afar, as I recall.


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6 responses to “Marilyn Chambers dead at 56

  1. Walt

    Well that is sad. Linda Lovelace, who died in a car crash a few years back, was from Yonkers. Her father was cop. Real name – Linda Marciano. Don’t ask!!!!
    OFF to HAPPY HOUR!!!
    Your Pal,

  2. Front Row Phil

    Walt —
    Please don’t say “don’t ask” and not expect us to ask! Do tell: How do you know these women? How well do you know them? What have you done with them or to them and/or their money? I smell something, and can’t decide if it’s fish or fowl.

  3. Walt

    Phil –
    All I am going to say is I saw some of their movies, and they really sucked. I know you can figure out the fish or fowl part!!
    Off to DINNER!!!
    Your Pal,

  4. Krazy Kat


    Funny, I read that and said to the two young guys who work on my desk the she had died. By the looks on theor faces, I realized that I had just made a generational faux pas. They understood when I suggested my generations Jenna Jamison, without the financial success and social acceptability.

    I had the opportunity to see “The Devil in Miss Jones” a year or so ago and marveled on how bad the movie was in so many ways.
    About as bad as Phil’s little (very little) joke.

  5. Interested Observer

    Chris, you’ve restored my faith in humanity and in the fact that some Greenwich brokers do indeed seem to at least know of the possibility of the mere existence of porn in the world.

    Yesterday, I mentioned to one of your esteeemed colleagues about Ms. Chamber’s passing, and they genuinely had no idea who I was talking about. It wasn’t a generational problem as in Krazy Kat’s situation since the one in question is of our baby booming genre, but more a dreaded case of pornaphobia.

    It seems to me, not only is it your duty to keep single-handedly being the scurge of the real estate market in town, you now need to take on the civic duty of keeping your fellow brokers up-to-date of the goings on as to all issues of a carnal nature.

    It’s a dirty job, but someone has to do it!!

    • christopherfountain

      I’d confess that I based my knowledge on “first hand” experience but I’m afraid Walt would get it and laugh at me.