Goodbye to all that

Captains of Industry - not

Captains of Industry - not

When the Antares web site went dark I speculated that the boys had merged with Realogy and gone off to do whatever geniuses do. I was wrong about the Realogy bit, but I received this word from a reader just now about what  Joe and whatshisname are up to:

They are essentially closed. Fired most of their people Thursday afternoon – Happy Easter to you too “boys”.

I won’t say that financial death couldn’t have happened to a more deserving duo – there are too many candidates for that honor to simply hand it to these arrogant idiots on a platter – but I am not particularly disturbed by news of their demise.

UPDATE: Both of the boys used their earnings from the Putnam Green fiasco (fiasco for those dumb enough to loan money on the project) to build themselves huge houses on Mooreland Road. Are those threatened? I don’t know, but I think I’ll prowl around the land records tomorrow and see if there are any angry creditors around.


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4 responses to “Goodbye to all that

  1. anonny

    I was thinking just the other day why there has been no mention of the Antares boys… these next few days/weeks will be interesting. Looking forward to see what you dig up.

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  3. Anonymous

    In NYtimes today…ad for a sale of (Antares) Five Mile Partners…auction to take place on 20th…may be many more like this considering what they have bought in the past 5 years…the market can be very cruel..can happen to anyone…

  4. Cos Cobber

    Thanks Anonymous, I just picked up the NY Times to see the ad for myself.