Then and now

70 Sherwood Ave

70 Sherwood Ave

Renovated 2006 and ’07, placed for sale 9/07 at $5.775 million. Today’s price: $4.395


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3 responses to “Then and now

  1. Old School Grump

    A crash course, short and easy and free, entitled Shutters 101:

    Shutters are supposed to be sized so that if they are pulled closed they will meet in the middle of the window. The original purpose of shutters was to, uh, shutter the window in the event of bad weather, y’know? In houses that feature exquisite attention to detail, the shutters are actually functional, with working hinges and often with little pulls on the bottom outside edges. In many other attractive houses in all price ranges, the shutters aren’t actually moveable, but they are sized so they would meet in the middle of the window if they could be moved. This is part of the aesthetic of shutters; even if you never explicitly think about it, your eyes let you know that something is amiss when the shutters are, instead, randomly placed skinny pointless little doodads (see above).

    $4 million and they don’t get the shutters right? Give me a break!

    • christopherfountain

      I believe what you are seeing, Old Grump are “ironic references” to shutters. Get with the times, old man!

  2. anthonyfountain

    OSG, I always thought I was the only one out there who found phony-baloney shutters annoying. It was also a pet peeve of our late father John Fountain, who while not an architect himself, was the grandson, son, brother and bother-in-law of architects and knew as much about the subject as they did. More than once he pointed out to me that common design error.

    To this day, thanks to my dad, whenever I pass by a house with shutters, I find myself examining the things and noting, to my pleasure or regret, whether or not they are proportionately correct; glad to know I’m not alone in that.