799 Lake Ave

799 Lake Ave

799 Lake Ave

I’m heading to the Stamford DMV so I may never regain my sanity but if I do, I’m heading over to the Tea Party Protest at Town Hall, 3-5. Blogging may be light, but here’s a follow up on one of yesterday’s 4 contracts (none today). This is a good house that was asking $3.450 and I assume it went for something close to that but we’ll find out when it closes. Checking its history, I see that if was first offered for sale in 2003 at $4.175 million, proving that overpricing is nothing new in Greenwich, and finally sold, two years later, for $3.285. This time around, the new sellers, represented by Sally Maloney, set the price just a notch above what they’d paid for it four years ago and as yesterday’s contract shows, that worked.


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  1. OGRCC

    Please do report on the ‘tea bagging’ party at town hall.

    Please also remember that the people that live in greenwich CT are some of the most fortunate on the planet.