Greenwich Tea Party Protest

Well, interesting. I’d guess about 100   220 people turned out though, judging from the cars honking as they passed by on Field Point Road, there are a lot of people fed up with being cash cows for the undeserving. Funny thing that I forgot to mention in my own impromptu speech: there was a comedian who, after four ruinously expensive divorces declared that the next time he felt the urge to get married he’d just find a woman he hated and buy her a house instead. The line gets laughs, but that’s what Congress is doing, only we don’t even know the people they’re buying houses for on our behalf. Hmmm.

Roger Pearson, atoning before challenging Dodd

Roger Pearson, atoning before challenging Dodd

Perhaps the most affecting speakers were the duo of Democrats Roger Pearson and Frank Farricker, Former First Selectman and candidate for that position, respectively, dressed in sackcloth and ashes and beating their breasts. “If I had known that the people I was hanging around with were nothin’ but a bunch of commie rats,” Farricker said, tears rolling down his eyes, “I would never have done it – I just didn’t know better, and I’m sick about it.” Farricker was seen signing a Ron Paul petition while as we left, Pearson was clutching an unlicensed handgun and his expired Police Commissioner’s badge in one hand, a copy of Atlas Shruggedin the other, and asking directions to Chris Dodd’s Greenwich office. Easy there, big guy, and careful with that gun!

Well, off to file a tax extension!


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7 responses to “Greenwich Tea Party Protest

  1. Walt

    Marilyn update. I am CERTAIN she did not choke to death:

    Off to Happy Hour!!
    Your Pal,

  2. Anonymous

    CF, I counted the crowd. At its peak, including the folks on the steps and folks by the street, it was over 220, including the children.

  3. mrs pauls

    was walt at the tea party?

    • christopherfountain

      I don’t believe Walt was at the party – I know his daughters weren’t – no road apples around. No, Walt was doubtless up at the Club, selling shares in his new film script to the members. After six martinis or so, they’re bound to appreciate his brilliant, incisive take on them and their friends.

  4. Lorin

    mine was over 200 in Glendale….Ca… only one obvious nut case, lots of kids, cheery….

    well, off to mail MY tax extension…..

  5. Jess Sayin'

    some footage taken by FBI / DHS:

  6. anonymous

    Taxation without representation: top 1% of earners pay ~40% of all taxes; likely consume ?<5% of government “services” or handouts…but only get 1% of votes