Not much to report on Greenwich market activity today

The Board’s closed now and there’s little of interest that happened. Maybe tomorrow. Lots of insignificant price reductions, but we see those every day, and one new listing of note: 4 Buxton Lane has come on asking $2.895 million.

I have no idea whether this price will work today so it will be interesting to watch. From its pictures (open house is tomorrow) it looks quite nice inside, with cathedral ceilings and lots of wood. From the outside it appears to be a modular but I don’t know that – I’ll check it out tomorrow. Buxton’s a good street in terms of convenience to the train and the schools, not so good if you’re sensitive to highway noise. This isn’t on the highway, but Cos Cob Harbor at the end of Buxton, while offering a scenic access to the Sound, also lets noise from the Mianus Bridge echo across.

This spec house joins seven others for sale in Riverside right now, and it’s in the low end of the price range (lowest is Meyer Place at $2.495, highest is $3.995 on Colonial). The listing sheet claims 5,000 sq. ft. but I assume 1,500 of that is found in the finished basement. A few years ago, I’d have thought this was a good price. Today, I really don’t know. It will certainly provide someone with a good home, the question is just how much buyers are willing to pay.


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3 responses to “Not much to report on Greenwich market activity today

  1. SizeBuyer

    I believe same builder who was advertising in paper about being motivated…

    2.795 not 895

  2. Walt

    This is a classic I tell you. Weasel Boy (that would be you Chris) goes hat in hand to see the GAR Poobah yesterday. Then he posts about how nice it went, and how he will keep reporting honestly about the Greenwich real estate market. Yeah right. And then he reports THIS. HE HAS NO NEWS. It is a classic coverup, I tell ya!! Mum’s the word, right Weasel Boy? Whatever it takes to stay in the club, right buddy? I see right through your wicked little ploy. Everyone knows you can’t fool old Uncle Walt!!!
    Off to TENNIS!!!
    Your Pal,

  3. Walt

    Don’t the Filly’s (S.I.H) look fabuloius? And MONICA!!! Such a cutie pattootie!!
    Back to TENNIS!!!
    Your Pal,