Will Texas secede from the Union?

Its governor says that it retained that right when it joined. As I recall, that argument didn’t work so well in 1861 but maybe someone misread the Constitution or something. I do know this: if it splits, and is established as a country that encourages and cheers on industriousness and productivity, I would trade the comforts of Connecticut and restart a life down there. The music’s good, anyway.


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15 responses to “Will Texas secede from the Union?

  1. what if

    what happens to the creditors chasing noel n company if they hide money round the world. does somebody track these fools years down the road.

  2. anonymous

    Definitely respect the 0% income tax rate and pro-business, anti-communist ethos of TX

    Too many commies concentrated in NYC and CA these days

  3. Greenwich Gal

    Just for your edification. Texas, by the way, is the only state in the union that is self sustaining.

  4. pulled up in OG

    Screw ’em . . . Sheridan still has it right.

  5. Front Row Phil

    The Obama administration is just getting started with the most radical re-shaping of America since the New Deal — certainly the biggest power grab by the federal government ever. The tectonic plates are just now beginning to shift. As it becomes increasingly obvious where we’re headed and as it truly begins to have an impact on people’s lives, the buzz around some form of quasi- greater-independence for Texas will only get louder. A year from now this buzz will be a roar. It will get interesting.

  6. ff

    Texas can do one better. As a matter of law, they are allowed to divide the state into 5 (yes 5) new states. That’s 10 senators! They could take back the Senate! Then there’ll be none of that teabagging going on, we’d all be eatin’ 72 ounce steaks for breakfast and huntin’ Socialists for good’ol times. Maybe a canned hunting ground for liberals?


    • christopherfountain

      Well that could be cool, FF – I’ve been worrying about how Willie and Waylon and the Austin crowd would get along in the new west I envision – I love their music, but we’re a tad apart on politics, but if we could carve out a people’s republic of Austin for those folks, they could stay there and happily tax themselves to death and we could drive our pickups over on Saturday night to whoop it up. Perfect!

  7. Anonymous

    It’s not just Texas. About half the states have either a bill in their legislature, or a bill being prepared for introduction to their legislature either this year or next.

    Interesting times.

  8. anonymous

    My sense is capitalist guys in Dallas and Houston view Austin as land of commies who wanna pretend they’re in a cheaper version of SF or Berkeley or Santa Monica

    And would guess many would gladly “donate” economically underachieving San Antonio back to Mexico….want to keep all the TX lands w/useful oil and gas

  9. Sanjay Bigglesworth

    I would gladly pay 5% of my income NOT to live in Texas.

  10. Lorin

    I’d move….and the bills coming up for consideration
    re: splitting off, bring to mind that Russian economist who has predicted that soon the US will split into 6 independant regions….very interesting times…

  11. Escielle

    A Memorandum to Mr. Perry regarding the “New Republic of Texas”


    In that the current State of Texas a legal right to secede from this Union, please ensure that citizens take steps to return any keys belonging to the below listed U. S. Government owned entities, Federal buildings or corporations opting to relocate:


    –All NASA facilities belonging to the United State Government.

    –Energy facilities and interests belonging to or supported by the United States Government.


    –Satellite communication access is provided only to citizens of the United States of America.

    –The Republic has the responsibility for obtaining required taxation from any businesses or residents who may wish to enter the Republic of Texas.

    –The Republic will have sole responsibility for funding programs which enable their medical care, health coverage or private colleges in the Republic.

    –As a Republic, you are entitled to negotiate with Mexico for purposes of replacing commerce and creating employment for your citizens.

    –Texas must create its own Texas Republican Guard for security purposes and for any natural disasters confront as an independent republic located on the Gulf coast.

    -All current members of the United States Congress representing Texas must resign immediately.

  12. 100% texan

    Attention United States:

    -We will give back the keys to NASA, just remember we produce almost 70% of the oil and gas you use to send any of those beautiful American space shuttles into orbit your welcome from texas.

    -We will give back all the satellite communications access we have alot of sky to put our own up.

    -Note to the United States have you ever heard of the Texas National Guard? We already have our own army.

    – Second note to the United States, Texas is the first largest supplier of troops to your military. Why should you be worried about us?

    -Sustaining our own Medical Care, Health Coverage, and Private Colleges. We are one of the only states that are self sustaining in your United States.

    Dont get me wrong I served my country in Iraq, but when you come on here with the give this back give that back, kinda makes me wonder what you are thinking. Lets go over the things texas gives the united states.

    -47% of the countries beef. 30% of the countries pork. 20% of the countries chicken.

    – We build Toyota in Texas

    – 70% of the countries oil comes from Texas and its sovereign waters.

    Look at the numbers before you go out and start giving us the riot act we would be just fine without the U.S. Where the U.S. would hurt without us. To sum it up you can have your two or three things back and find your own oil, food, and military personnel.

    Best Regards:

  13. Dont be so foolish, I am a texan who has relocated to washington state. Washington has chilliest gun laws in the country more so than any other state.we have starbucks, amazon.com, boeing, microsoft, 1 in 4 jobs is related to major international trade,

    you mistake things
    NASA is a federal budget funded entity, and they DONT control all the satelites, most guns bought in the US are produced outside the US, mostly from brazil.
    Washington and the midwest control weat production, good luck rationing your bread. your texas national guard wont do shit against the us military. most nuclear facilities are located outside texas.
    You have one of the lowest educations per capita
    your obese
    hmm what else
    oh yeah your cant really seperate, you need to learn your history,
    the last civil war, the north kicked the south’s ass
    good ol boys know how to use guns
    northern boys know how to cause more war terror, blocking trade, destroying crops, propaganda control, basically using your mind defeats guns
    the world already thinks your ignorant, therefore the world will support the rest of the 49 states

    Your labor from opening the border, well good luck
    the border sucks in tijuana and juarez, you will have problems controlling that area without federal funding, and you think you can do it yourself, well mexicans will learn to fire back.

    you have crappy weed

    pfft we will def open up alaska if your leave, and do much better
    AMD, texas instruments
    all these? nothing compared to software outside your state, just peanuts compared to microsoft and google.

    basically we need eachother till oil is no longer precious


  14. Me

    Jammin, Really?

    You really believe Texas doesn’t grow wheat? We could certainly grow enough to sustain ourselves.

    Once again, Texas is the largest contributor of troops to the U.S. Armed Forces. We have 7 Air Force bases, 7 Army Posts, 1 Coast Guard Base, and 3 Navy bases. I believe we would have that one covered quite well.

    “oh yeah your cant really seperate, you need to learn your history”. Oh yeah, you can’t really spell either can you? Legally speaking, any state that ratified the constitution can secede. Texas, no. 1 didn’t legally ratify the united states constitution, no.2 even if you want to go by “squatter’s rights”, all 50 states retain the right to secede. And if you don’t agree, please show me which constitutional power empowers the federal government to coerce states into being members of the union. It is well documented by historians, that the only reason the south lost the civil war, was due to bad leadership, i.e. Robert E. Lee’s refusal to use sound tactics.

    And trust me on this one, the federal government does not do near as much as it claims when it comes to border protection. They set up money for it, but don’t allow access to it, due to miles of red tape. Also, if you remember, Mexico went to war with the United States for annexing Texas. Mexico doesn’t want the U.S. border any more of its land than it has to. Setting up trade would be a hurdle, but one easily crossed.

    And in closing, the world thinks Americans are ignorant, Texans get much respect everywhere around the world. However, I now know of one more ignorant American, thanks for adding yourself to the list.