But wouldn’t you have to live in Cleveland?

fullclevelandcoverForced from New York and Brooklyn by high rents, it says here that the beatniks are moving into abandoned buildings in Cleveland . I might move to Texas for freedom, but  the prospect of cheap rent in downtown Cleveland isn’t exciting me.


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4 responses to “But wouldn’t you have to live in Cleveland?

  1. anthonyfountain

    I eagerly await Walt’s response to this.

  2. Walt

    Actually, these pants are very much the in thing at Round Hill Club. Hiram, however, apparently does not agree.

    Oh Well!!!
    Your Pal,

  3. New Buyer

    Good friend moved there a few years ago after a job transfer. We thought it was one-way ticket to hell — especially for a single guy. However, he easily bought a huge loft in a “hip” downtown neighborhood (unattainable to him in NYC or Boston). Even better, he lives within stumbling distance of a few dozen great bars and restaurants (always a big plus). You’ll never get me to move there, but he loves it. Living in NYC only sounds glamorous by comparison — until you live in an East Village studio in a 5th floor walk-up and pay $15 for a glass of cruddy wine.

  4. James O'Boston

    Hey… listen to everyone here. Cleveland has a lot going for it.
    For one, it’s much easier to get a ticket to a hot concert, and diddo on the downtown lofts, though they did not hit the target occupancy figures and the 10-year property tax break for buyers wasn’t even enough to sell things out…