Sell granite short!

Reader AC writes:

Word around town is that Christopher Peacock cabinetry has shut its doors for reorganization, restructuring of some kind. Fine product – but I can only imagine that people don’t want to pay three times more than is necessary for custom cabinetry…and some have argued lately that it really isn’t custom at all. Sign of the times.


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13 responses to “Sell granite short!

  1. anonymous

    Upside of deep recession….more rational pricing vs quality of product and service…natural selection of markets

  2. D'Andrea

    Bring back that small nursery that sat in that space years ago cross from G Library.

  3. John in Derby

    Ouch. Don’t know much about Peacock Cabinets but wasn’t everybody charging about three times real value for everything relating to Greenwich homebuilding for the last decade or so?


    • christopherfountain

      I don’t know about 3X, John, but no question that builders were living high on the hog. I know of a foundation contractor who always added 20% to job quotes in Greenwich, not because it cost more to do business here but because he knew the market would pay it. Perhaps no longer.

  4. pulled up in OG

    Don’t Exxon and Shell add 20% to job quotes in Greenwich too?

  5. New Buyer

    I looked at a house with Waterworks bathrooms and a Christopher Peacock kitchen. The broker touted them as a plus. I admit they were beautiful but my primary thought was, “ouch.” The sellers wildly overpaid for status bathrooms and kitchens and now they are passing the expense on to me.

  6. Nicholas

    I’ve worked in many houses with Peacock kitchens. And like many ‘bespoke’ products, they’re well designed and nicely finished. However, his materials, hardware, and construction are pretty standard.

    His history is from Smallbone, where the millwork was actually hand made.

    Peacock’s cabinets come with a barcode order labels from the massive factory in Pennsylvania.

  7. WRX


    FACTS, FACTS, Facts…….

    Peacock`s cabinets are handmade in a shop in West Virginia where he provides employment to about 70 people. If you examine the product you will not see a barcode anywhere.
    If you were to ever do a side by side comparison of a Smallbone cabinet and a Peacock cabinet in the raw you would clearly see Peacock`s product is far superior. I know this as I have taken the time to check out the facts and compare the products.
    Yes both companies product are expensive but people still crave them, like a fine wine/car.

  8. Their phone and website still work. Is this truth or just a rumor? I know Clive Christian has packed their bags, but the other?

  9. I drove past yesterday also and saw the same, but it was early and I didn’t know if it was just pre opening hours.
    This past year while building our house, I had enormous pressure from everyone (seriously) to put in a CP kitchen because of the “resale value” it adds to your house. I had different ideas though.
    My contractor yesterday told me he heard Peacock had invested heavily in a fund that lost everything.
    Hopefully people who had deposits with them aren’t going to lose them. Or only receive half finished kitchens.

    • christopherfountain

      Oh, you mean the Bernie Madoff/ Christopher Peacock Investment Plan? Yes, that was Walt’s best idea in years, but I guess it didn’t turn out so well.
      Just kidding. But I applaud your common sense in choosing a kitchen you wanted, rather than a name. Nothing against Peacock – by all accounts he turned out a fine product, but so too do many other cabinet makers, most of them charging less. But less or more, buying a particular brand because it “will add value to your house” is nonsensible. Educate the buyer and, except for the hysterical, socially-insecure buyers, you’ll do fine – of course, you’ll have eliminated 75% of Greenwich buyers, but what the heck.
      The exception that proves the rule has to be Sub-Zero refrigerators and their stove brand, Wolf. These are rated by Consumer Reports as just above junk yet every builder I know puts the damn things in because buyers insist on them and discount a house if it has better stuff from a manufacturer their friends haven’t heard of. Sheesh.

  10. Don’t get me started! I wish I had a dime for every person who asked me “what is an AGA” or “what is Traulsen.” I cook a lot–and have worked in plenty of kitchens over the years, so yes, I absolutely agree with you on your appliance opinions and the lemming mentality of most people who install these “white island kitchens” used solely to reheat take out Aux Delices. Fortunately we didn’t go into the building process with selling the house as our end goal, just creating a place we wanted to live in that would serve us well into old age. To be honest with you, I have thought for a long time that those CP kitchens, however gorgeous people find them, would end up at some point looking about as dated as an old 70’s kitchen in avocado or harvest gold. Call me crazy!