From the horse’s mouth (no, not one of Walt’s daughters)

A builder I’ve written about before in a disparaging tone and then met, and liked, sends the following (edited sightly to avoid identifying him, although I don’t think he cares).

I am just checking in, I love the headline on the [XXX]  post, LOL.
Since I listed it, I figured I would give you first hand  information about what is transpiring.  The minute [XXX] went on, there were a flurry of calls, and I have some plans out, but nothing concrete yet.  But I would like you to know what the majority of people said about the new spec homes on the market in Greenwich. 
basically the homes that are sitting, the majority have been sitting for over a year, and at what point does it become not new, and simply called, just never lived in.  Seems that the people that are out there in the 7 and 8 range want something new, as in just finished or just being finished.  Its very possible that a good majority of these houses completed in 07 will be almost 3 years old.  That’s hardly new.  Anyway, be well, just wanted to give you something to think about.  I am here for a few more months, lets get together and have another drink. [Ed. note – that’s coffee for me, no saying what my builder friend will consume]. 


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4 responses to “From the horse’s mouth (no, not one of Walt’s daughters)

  1. Anonymous

    I posted earlier about these spec houses not really being new anymore . Its like a the difference between a new 2009 car and a 2007 which has been sitting on the lot for 2 years. I have been in alot of these homes and sorry to say they do look tired and dated already. Anyway this builder is saying he has plans are they in the works or are they just on paper ?

  2. Jack Martin

    Try calling them leftovers.

    It has worked for about 90 years for the auto industry.

  3. Wally

    Since when have houses become “dated” in just a year or two? What does this say about our culture – in Europe and in an earlier time here houses did not become dated even after decades (or much longer) of use! It seems this is an aspect of our culture that will have to change – we cannot continue to be such a disposable society – we cannot be so spoiled that last years appliances make a house no longer fresh enough to be considered new.

  4. Anonymous

    Look Wally i understand your point but these are leftovers. this is a business transaction not a home appreciation seminar. I am not saying these homes are not beautiful, however supply and demand control economic activity. Looking forward to seeing you on greenwich ave. driving your EDSIEL.