The majesty of the law, on wheels!



Have suit, will travel

Have suit, will travel


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7 responses to “The majesty of the law, on wheels!

  1. Peg

    Christopher; I love that elegant artwork they have on the side of the vehicle, too!

    Think they pick up dry-cleaning in addition?

  2. Cobra

    Apparently, Mickey Sherman is line extending upscale.

  3. anthonyfountain

    Next thing you know they’ll be advertising themselves as “broker busters.”

  4. anonymous

    Gives a new view on “ambulance chaser”!

  5. Can you tell us where you got this picture? I’m trying to figure out whether this is a real picture or if this is a hoax.


    • christopherfountain

      I took that with my iPhone on Greenwich Avenue earlier this week. It’s real, alright.

  6. Ill bet that this guy has a double-trucked ad in the Yellow pages. Note to the lawyers considering a similar approach (yes you, amusedly smirking at the van), you may be able to get the prospective clients’ attention at best, but there’s no guarantee that they’ll take you seriously. To the general public (yes, you too), be wary. No one will sue you for being one.

    Honestly, advertise honestly.