Riverside still breathes

I wasn’t awfully impressed with 12 Hendrie Avenue, with its back-lot location and price tag of $1.945 million, but it went to contract recently and sold today for $1.550. The fact that it sold brings to mind Dr. Johnson’s observation that ” A woman preaching, sir, is like a dog walking on its hind legs. It’s not that it’s done well; the surprising thing is that it’s done at all.”



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5 responses to “Riverside still breathes

  1. annon

    what’s the price per sf?
    and was it just the back lot that you didn’t like?

    • christopherfountain

      Back lot, cheap construction, etc. Nothing that would be objectionable at some price but at nearly $2 million I thought someone was charging more for “Riverside” than it merited. Apparently, buyers agreed.

  2. Ruth

    I still cannot believe it was sold for that much money in not so desirable location…..

  3. South of Village

    10% discount to its 2005 market value appraisal of $1.7 million.

  4. annon

    Actually, many would say Hendrie Ave is a very desirable location….kids can walk to both the elementary and junior high school, as well as the bus stop for the high school or any of the private schools…and you can walk to the train. The street is loaded with young families. It is not waterfront or backcountry, but it is convenient and people have always paid for that.