The magic of a good price

74-gregory-roadJim Foote of Raveis listed this house on Gregory Road in Cos Cob April 6 for $969,000. Eleven days later, Nancy Healy (Shore & Country) had a buyer. That’s how this process is supposed to work. What happens more often is that the seller lists it at, say, $1.075 million, waits 320 days and sells it at $925,000. This way’s less painful and far more productive.


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7 responses to “The magic of a good price

  1. Front Row Phil

    No, CF!

    The way the process is SUPPOSED to work is YOU, Christopher Fountain, have the buyer — not some non-blogging realtor I don’t know named Nancy Healy (although I’m sure she’s a perfectly swell person and may have worked hard to get it done).

  2. annon

    what is the price per sf?

  3. Anonymous

    Whatever the price, they paid too much. Only worth land value and that land ain’t worth that.

  4. Anonymous says;
    Last sold for $465,000 on 7/1/1998
    Last assessed at $602,490 on 2008

    Previous assessments
    $602,490 on 2007
    $602,490 on 2006
    Source: Public Records

    Year Built: 1976
    3 Bedrooms
    2.5 Bathrooms
    Approximately 2236 Sq Ft
    Lot size: 10,454 Sq Ft

    I think that those realtors must be great salespeople. The sellers must be laughing all the way to the bank! Glad to welcome the newbies to town though.

  5. South of Village

    OG and Riverside hold value because of location. Prices are only back to 2005 levels in OG and Riverside.

    That aside – this house sold for WAY TOO MUCH. The 2005 market value appraisal of this house is $860,000. To pay $1.5 million, I would wonder if there was a treasure chest buried in the back yard.

  6. South of Village

    CF – scratch my previous 2 posts. I was thinking of the 12 Hendrie house and responded to the wrong post. My apologies.