Is Antares still using that name?

I was thinking it might be a fun sort of name for a dynamic, growing real estate firm in Old Greenwich, but I wouldn’t want any confusion. I checked the tax records just now to see how the boy’s are doing with their adjoining houses on Mooreland Road and discovered that each is in the wife’s name. I doubt that will be enough to keep them away from creditors, but you never know. Interesting, I see that the town values Beninati’s house on 42 Mooreland at $11 million, while partner Jim Cabrera was forced to make do with a relative hovel on 44 valued at a mere $9 million. What happened to share and share alike?


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  2. Update?

    What exactly is happening to the big 4.5 billion dollar company and its owners?

    • christopherfountain

      They fired everyone on the Thursday before Easter and, so far, seem to have let their PR spokeswoman take a leave of absence. They’re out of the Stamford Landing project, out of the failed Byram condo project, out of the failed single home spec project on Taconic, I think they’re out of the condo project on Steamboat Road and I don’t know their position if any on the UST building. It wouldn’t surprise me if they’ve been squeezed out of that, too, as they never seemed to hold much equity in any of their developments.

  3. joe cabrera?

    is the cabrera any relation to the guy who works for commercial broker at Cushman & Wakefield in NYC who lives the society high life as a big fund raiser & former football player at GHS? joe cabrera barely made it out of high school and relied heavily on extra-curriculars to move ahead 30 yrs ago.

    • christopherfountain

      Probably – Jimmy Cabrera was hardly a student prodigy and got to college only by attending that very expensive “13th year” Choate offers for stupid children of rich parents. Interestingly enough, that’s where he met his future business partner who was attending the same remedial lessons. Guess the remediation didn’t work out so well.

  4. Former Antares Employee

    Yes- Joe is Jimmy’s brother. They will not likely be using the name Anatres anymore (if they’re smart). They have lost essentially all interest in all their assets to the banks and their partners pushing them out. Beninati’s house has basically $0 re-sale value unless someone moves up to Greenwich from Star Island in Miami, or a mafia cappo moves to town with an affinity for out of place Italian Villas. The only thing Jimmy and Joe are worse at then making money is managing people. They can both rot.

  5. ” . . . or a mafia cappo moves to town with an affinity for out of place Italian Villas.”

    Don’t bother calling Joe Pontoriero @ Worthless Construction. He’s already got his, in Belle Haven.

  6. Former Antares employee. I would like to talk to you on background about Antares and Joe. I have written profiles on this company when I was with Trader Monthly and Dealmaker magazine.

    Please reach out to me at