Stock market heading up, or down?

The WSJ has a nice synopsis of the bull and bear arguments about whether we’ve hit bottom and are going up or just experiencing a bear rally. The conflicting predictions sound an awful lot like what we hear about the Greenwich real estate market. I know nothing about stocks, but I’m still feeling bearish about Greenwich. In fact, I’m with this guy:

 “It’s possible that we’re in an April 2003 kind of place and we’ll just keep steaming higher as we emerge from the bear market,” says Jason Goepfert, president of Sundial Capital Research. “I’m not comfortable betting on that possibility.”


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5 responses to “Stock market heading up, or down?

  1. anonymous

    The few hedgies who are right more often than wrong about markets are rather quiet billionaires who rarely make public statements re: future mkt directions

    However, would carefully read Paulson’s and others’ investor letters (most are online somewhere like NYT) to gain any insights into how the truly smart are looking at the world

  2. anonymous

    Mike Milken, arguably one of smartest financiers of past 35 yrs, penned an interesting op-ed in WSJ last wk, presenting his insights re: today vs troubled ’70s when he effectively created the modern junk (more elegantly called “high-yield”) bond mkt to help solve many of financing issues of that era for many growth cos. in industries like gaming, telecom, real est, etc

  3. mrs pauls

    down down down

  4. kidding really?

    Good hedge fund managers just need the markets to open.

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