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Fair weather fiance

Craig’s List murderer’s wedding cancelled.


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Who is John Galt?

Bankers set to leave England as tax raised to 50%. Fifty percent is just a start, of course, just as it will be here. The politicos have declared class warfare and the mob loves it:

The proposal, part of the 2010 budget, is likely to go ahead after Conservative Party leader David Cameron said April 24 that reversing the 50 percent rate wasn’t a priority. About 57 percent of Britons have a “positive view” of the plan.

My own end of world scenario suggests that the mob will pull down western civilization long before it runs out of successful people to feed on, but it would be nice if the wealthy left now and forced the mob to turn on itself sooner, rather than later.


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What does it mean to “take responsibility”?

It’s clear that President Obama was as ignorant as Mayor Bloomberg about what the Air Force One guys had in store for New York this morning and it’s not his fault that bozos took control. But I was struck by this bit of coverage of the event:

The White House Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel, conveyed the president’s anger in a meeting with the director of the White House Military Office, Louis Caldera, who issued the apology “Last week, I approved a mission over New York. I take responsibility for that decision,” Mr. Caldera said. “While federal authorities took the proper steps to notify state and local authorities in New York and New Jersey, it’s clear that the mission created confusion and disruption. I apologize and take responsibility for any distress that flight caused.”

Having “taken responsibility” for the incident, what does Mr. Caldera intend to do? Hanging himself seems harsh – resigning does not. Hand wringing and saying “sorry”, which is the extent of his contrition so far, doesn’t amount to anything. And, while we’re examining the behavior of appointed officials, can we address the President’s press secretary who dismissed reporters’ questions about a plan attacking New York with a snide, “it might surprise you to learn that I don’t keep track of every movement of Air Force One”? If he’s still alive, Ron Ziegler could step in and replace this dolt to better effect.


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Antares saga continues

Word I have is that Antares files for bankruptcy this week. Another interesting tidbit is that the boys are on the line with some pretty hefty personal guaranties – large enough to take away those side-by-side Mooreland mansions from their wives. Well, it’s a good thing that they evicted all the old folks from Putnam Green before the condo project failed – plenty of empty apartments for Jimmy and Joe to find shelter in at a moderate price. That’s assuming the new landlord doesn’t require a credit check.

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Adios, Country Living

Back in January or so I posted that Country Living Associates was going down. I was flooded with angry emails threatening all sorts of dire punishments if I continued to malign their fine name and business prospects, so I removed the post.

They shut their doors Friday.


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The rockets go up, who cares where they come down?

Old song. Anyway, I see that 204 Lyons Farm West sold today for $855,000, a fair bit lower than its asking price of  $1.175. I remember when Lyons Farm units began breaking the million dollar barrier and being a tad dubious. Seems that we’re seeing them come down closer to earth.

On the other hand, 32 Twin Lakes Drive (really Gilliam Lane) in Riverside is back on the market, still asking $13.5 million. I’m not impressed. It has an acre and a half of yard, which is good, but the water access was sold off years ago so you’re left with just views and, half the day, those views are of mudflats framed by neighboring houses. The house itself is old, old old and, although the listing says it has been “complete renovated” [sic] it looks as tired and beat up when the 12 Fritsche kids were tearing things apart down there in the 1960s. As land, I suppose it would fetch $4.5 million, maybe. If the remaining $9 million is for the house, someone admires old, leaky leaded windows more than I.


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Slow Monday for Greenwich real estate

Not that slow, in fact, because we did see four contracts come in but with the exception of Calhoun at $5 million plus, all were under $1 million. But, as that reader’s dinner companion pointed out, “at least the high end is holding up.” Not selling, mind you, but holding up, and isn’t that a comfort.

One nifty old house came back on the market, 25 Field Point Road, down 20%, to $10,000,000 from its first price of $12.5 million. I love the place – great architecture and an excellent location, though the new listing describes it as “adjoining the Belle Haven Waterfront Association”. The keen legal scholar in me interprets that to mean “not in the Belle Haven Association” – I really don’t know the effect that has on $10 million buyers. Here’s the house, anyway:



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