The rockets go up, who cares where they come down?

Old song. Anyway, I see that 204 Lyons Farm West sold today for $855,000, a fair bit lower than its asking price of  $1.175. I remember when Lyons Farm units began breaking the million dollar barrier and being a tad dubious. Seems that we’re seeing them come down closer to earth.

On the other hand, 32 Twin Lakes Drive (really Gilliam Lane) in Riverside is back on the market, still asking $13.5 million. I’m not impressed. It has an acre and a half of yard, which is good, but the water access was sold off years ago so you’re left with just views and, half the day, those views are of mudflats framed by neighboring houses. The house itself is old, old old and, although the listing says it has been “complete renovated” [sic] it looks as tired and beat up when the 12 Fritsche kids were tearing things apart down there in the 1960s. As land, I suppose it would fetch $4.5 million, maybe. If the remaining $9 million is for the house, someone admires old, leaky leaded windows more than I.


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2 responses to “The rockets go up, who cares where they come down?

  1. Chimney

    Lyons Farm brings back memories- I can remember when they were first built- back around the early 70s, they were priced at $100,000 and they couldn’t give them away. They had a reputation of being pretty poorly built- Most of the ones that I know of that have been purchased in recent years have been almost completely rebuilt. A great concept though.

  2. another anon

    Thanks for the Tom Lehrer reference! My kids and I were just singing bits of “Lobachevsky” this very evening!