Walter, we hardly knew you

Reader Sambone sends this link to Bloomberg – the suit against Walter Noel and Fairfield Greenwich Group has been amended to include fraud as a cause of action. Judgments awarded for fraud can’t be discharged in bankruptcy, among other bad things.


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3 responses to “Walter, we hardly knew you

  1. Sambone

    CF, My question is, “What happens to the horses, I mean the daughters”?

  2. Walt

    Chris, Chris, Chris:
    This is nothing more than a nuisance suit. It’s like when you are at the beach and that hors … that shoe fly keeps landing on you. Nothing more. The Noel’s have no reason to hange their manes in shame. And we won’t. Not even considering the bankruptcy route. The fine folks at FGG continue to seek out new opportunities for our clients every day!!!
    But I am having a hard time reaching many of them. All of them, actually. Anreas is having the same problem. Strange, huh?
    Your Pal,