Unconfirmed rumor but just dumb enough to be true

I hear from a reader that a property that sold in the $4s a few years ago and saw a $9 million house erected on the land is now “quietly” on the market for $18,000,000. If I were so silly as to try for a profit in this market I’d want to keep quiet too – the scorn and ridcule heaped on my shoulders would just be too much to bear.

UPDATE: Confirmed. I’m told it’s a beautiful house and I’m sure it is. Riverside waterfront, with the babbling brook/white noise machine of I-95 to soothe you off to slumberland. Okay by me.

UPDATE II: $19.5 asking, but that includes his and her pairs of top-of-the-line Bose noise cancelling earmuffs.


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13 responses to “Unconfirmed rumor but just dumb enough to be true

  1. anonymous

    Isn’t there another ~$20MM ask spec house still avail w/always-present I-95 views/sounds of car crashes/traffic flow? Choices, choices….

  2. xyzzy

    when you said quietly, is it not on the MLS?

  3. anonymous

    Glen Avon, yes?

  4. Gideon Fountain

    Two observations:
    1. If someone wants to get an ambitious price for their property, it is infinitely preferrable that they do it “privately” rather than clog up the Multiple Listing Service.
    2. One of the great surprises of Greenwich is how much people are willing to pay to be so close to our Grass Island Sewage Treatment Plant AND Route 95, sometimes both.

    • christopherfountain

      1. You want to expose your house to the largest number of buyers, use the MLS. If a tree falls in the forest and all that.
      2. Sewage makes noise (sometimes) when being generated, but not when processed.

  5. Pink Fuzzy Slippers

    How would one go about viewing this house if it’s not on the MLS? I’m intrigued.

    • christopherfountain

      Lady bountiful the agent can arrange a private viewing. Ifyou’re serious, I can set it up. Otherwise, get in your boat, tour the Riverside waterfront and look for new construction!

  6. xyzzy

    Sotherby’s use to be the go to agency for not listing things on the net or MLS.

    Who does that now? And what does the Agent do just call around and say “We have this listing, but don’t tell anyone unless well they have $20 million to spend?”

    • christopherfountain

      I guess that’s exactly what she does, XYZZY – it all sounds a little precious to me, but I’m just not that kind of guy.

  7. BeenThere


    Keep in mind that Cos Cob Harbor is very tidal at that spot and the bottom half of the ebb shows mud all the way out to the channel. On the other hand, it is beautiful in the two hours around the flood and parties should be planned accordingly (RE showings too).

    If comes with a fixed dock and float but the intrepid boat owner will have to be satisfied with planning the day’s outing based on the tides.

    German lighting fixtures, imported 19th Century styled glass and more – will someone pay for that in this market.

    And the current owners live in the UK, never having been able to enjoy their creation.

  8. anonymous

    When that ole sewage plant springs a leak or gusher one will need some oxygen masks or lots of air freshener as well