Brought to you by your government and the UAW


Italian idea of a car

Italian idea of a car

Older readers may remember the FIAT, which was run out of this country in 1978 or so because even Americans used to Detroit junk wouldn’t buy the horrible things. Poor quality was legendary – FIAT’s parting gift to these shores was the Yugo and the technology was so dated it made Renault look like a modern car company. renault, too, had to quit town, after running full page ads apologizing for bringing their cars here but explaining that, in France, people “like tinkering with their cars on weekends” and they thought Americans would too.

So now we have a failed Italian company coming to the rescue of a failed American one, all subsidized by us taxpayers and run by the auto union. This is change, all right, but I see little hope.


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8 responses to “Brought to you by your government and the UAW

  1. Old School Grump

    Ah yes, FIAT, aka
    Fix It Again, Tony
    Feeble Italian Attempt at Transportation

  2. anonymous

    The other Fiat that’s in US is Ferrari

    Am familiar enough w/latest new $400K Ferrari 599 to know Fiat has laughable safety engineering (about as pathetic as any US or Asian car)….and suspect quality/build quality even at that lofty price point, let alone at more plebeian Fiat price points

    Besides, how do obese Americans fit in anything else but a big ole SUV? Even Jap cars have been supersized (and have XXL cupholders) to fit the US obese….

  3. SizeBuyer

    They say it will take upto 18 months to retrofit the fiat 500 for U.S. safety and environmental specs. I suspect Chrysler will be done by then or shortly thereafter.

    Take it easy on American cars though. They are not bad as I have said before when was the last time you saw any car stuck on the side of the road?

  4. Peg

    Not to worry, Christopher. This is probably JUST the beginning.

    Soon some union and the U.S. government will be overseeing real estate companies in Greenwich and Minneapolis, too. Then – we’ll get big hourly wages and “free” health care!

    I can hardly wait!

  5. anonymous

    Personally, wouldn’t drive (or be a passenger in) any American or Asian cars/SUVs except under duress (rental cars while traveling; Lincoln Town Cars in NYC when Mercedes S550 or 65 not available)

    If in any poss collision, would want to be in newest, biggest Mercedes AMG sedan (not SUV) one can afford; personal safety tends to supersede cost, fuel economy, etc of any car; after all, any car is far cheaper and more disposable than one’s health

  6. Roger Kaputnik

    People may remember that FIAT meant “Fix It Again, Tony”

  7. SizeBuyer


    ur mb doesn’t make the cut…at least the E class doesn’t

  8. Peg

    I bought my first foreign car in 1980 – a Honda Accord – and never bought American again. All my Japanese vehicles were comfortable, ran beautifully and almost never needed any repairs whatsoever.

    Had a Saab convertible that I adored – even if my male car buddies snorted about it.

    And – let’s not talk much about my Alfa-Romeo Spider Quadrifolio. It was steel blue with a tan interior; stunningly gorgeous. Yet, since it drove like a truck and sounded worse – I usually went out in the Acura sedan instead. Think of the Alfa as art for your garage….