How much will quality building bring?

147 Hendrie Ave. Rvsd
147 Hendrie Ave. Rvsd

This new spec house by York Builders came on today at $4.250 million. York is a great builder and this is bound to be a fine house, but with what I guess is 5,000 sq. ft. above ground and just 1/3 of a hillside acre, I’m not sure that the quality of construction or the presence of Binney Park down the street will stir buyers into action at this price. But we will see. York must expect a faster turn around in our market than I do.


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3 responses to “How much will quality building bring?

  1. anonymous

    Perhaps quality build but fugly curb appeal

  2. anon

    Last sale and tax info

    Sold 01/18/2008:

    5,000 sq ft x $250 (what my friend is paying to build his house today) = $1,250,000

    Sounds like this place is worth about $2.5mm in todays mkt

  3. anon

    i’m building right now and $250/ft is not happening, even in this market, for high-end custom construction. What was once 450-550 is now 350-400.