Be careful what you wish for

Commie ratfink Arlen Specter’s defection to the Demmerkrats will ensure them of a veto-proof Congress but it may still bite them, a little. Justice Souter’s replacement by a female (black, probably) liberal has to receive at least one Republican vote to get through the Judicial Committee. Until now, Specter was that vote. With him gone over to the dark side, the Republicans have a chance to kill any number of nominations. Of course, they’ll probably appoint another wuss, in the name of “bi-partisanship”, but perhaps they’ll show some backbone this time. Perhaps.


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6 responses to “Be careful what you wish for

  1. Cookslaw

    in reference to Arlen Spector switching parties:

    “It simultaneously raised the IQ on both sides of the aisle”.

  2. anonymous

    Waiting for the first transgender, biracial bipartisan

  3. greenmtnpunter

    GOP just needs to say “No!!!” to every GD fool liberal they even think of nominating. Just say “No!!!” and make it a cause celebre, just like Fat Boy Teddy and his cronies did to Bork. GOP needs to vow they are going to “Bork” every nominee they put forward in the Judiciary Committee. Stick with your guns, don’t get mad, get even, it’s payback time for Bork 20+ years later.

  4. NHRR

    Good luck with that, VTer. The last time the Republicans had a spine was . . . I can’t recall. Kind of like the Yankees when it comes to other teams pitching them inside. Don’t hold your breath waiting for them to hit another team’s player.

  5. Old Coot

    greenmtnpunter: Unfortunately there’s at least one Republican squish remaining on the Senate Judiciary Committee (Lindsey Graham) who will more than likely continue the perfidy of Defector Specter.

  6. greenmtnpunter

    Yes, Lindsey Graham is another weak link. Unless these GOP Judiciary Committee members put this nominee on the grill for more than a searing, it’s just another lost opportunity to show that there is an Opposition to rally the troops. We don’t want to see any more “going along to get along” stuff, we want to see some fireworks.

    The GOP Judiciary Committee members should be prepared to use the same sensational, headline grabbing-by-leaks, show trial tactics against this nominee as the Dems did against Bork in ’87. They might be surprised at how much support such a stance will generate, especially over the howling MSM. Try it guys, you know, what the hell?!