Central Greenwich condos

90 Connecticut Avenue sold new for $2.8 million in 2006 and was resold a year later for $2.875. It sold for a third time yesterday for $2.590. That’s only a $300,000 decline, but it serves, I think, as a pretty good indicator of where downtown condo prices are headed: down.


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3 responses to “Central Greenwich condos

  1. PoeticJustic

    Central Greenwich and Near Milbank generally blows anyway. Begging for the greater fools. There is no parking now and they are mostly empty. Imaging how bad it will be when the (low rent) renters move in!
    Orlando will be building in……Orlando. (and they like Micky Mouse construction there…).

    • christopherfountain

      You really need to get out more,Poetic. Most of my friends are the low lifes you fear will move into central Greenwich and I wouldn’t trade them for the rich, ungrateful, snobs who seem so prevalent in town these days. My friends lack the sense of entitlement many of our newcomers have, and the result is that they’re kind, caring, compassionate and don’t live in fear that someone is going to come take away what they have. If you want a perfect example of what I’m talking about, spend an hour today at the Whole Foods parking lot observing how my betters conduct themselves: spandex-wrapped, whippet-thin mommies with diamond rings large enough to be mistaken for turnig knobs on the wheel of their Range Rover, being rude to the clerks and anyone who gets in their way because, they, by God, have a Lotte Berk class to attend, their goddamn nanny is hungover and can’t shepherd the kids to travel team soccer and .. and… you just don’t know the hell they’re living through. I’d welcome their replacement by some of my friends who rent in this town.

  2. PoeticJustic

    Well said. I think we are on the same page. Your description captured my deffinition of “low rents” exactly. Not a question of cash, but of class. Those I was refering to consider Greenwich a life destination that somehow confers status and creates exactly the sense of entitlement you describe. No Whole Foods for me, I prefer S&S and the Banksville IGA.
    Who is Lotte Berk?