Hop on that pony and get the hell out of Dodge, Walt

Madoff Trustee sues the west coast equivalent of Greenwich Fairfield Group, Chais, claiming he knew or should have known earnings were bogus. More suits against feeder funds coming, he promises. Wonder if he’ll sue the feeder fund that made the most money of them all?


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10 responses to “Hop on that pony and get the hell out of Dodge, Walt

  1. Walt

    Oh boy. I think you folks JUST CAN’T READ!!!!
    So hear you go. Read this again:
    That explains it all. So back off. And FGG is still alive and well. Our investors can count on us to perform as we always have. And will continue to do.
    OFF to BRUNCH!!!!
    Your Pal,

  2. PBS on Noel

    Tues May 12 9 pm PBS Frontline has piece on Noel

  3. Inagua


    Nice try with the press release. But as the full document makes clear your entire defense boils down to, “I belived Bernie.” No jury is going to believe that constitutes due diligence, especially after they hear testimony from a string of investment professionals who balked at Bernie after they did real due diligence on him.

    Click to access FGGAnswer1.pdf

  4. Inagua

    Walt has no shame. An honorable person would say, “Whoops, I made a mistake. I didn’t realize I was selling a Ponzi Scheme. I didn’t earn the fees Madoff paid me, and I am going to refund them to my victims.” But Walt is a greedy parasite who wants to keep every unearned dollar, even as his remaining investors lost everything. May a judge and jury bankrupt this unrepentant swindler.

  5. Walt

    Iguana –
    My forked tongued friend. I sense some hostility on your part, or it that just me?
    Anyway, thanks for posting that. You prove my point. We did all that was required of us. And then some. So quit your whining.
    And the Derby is on today. I always wanted the Filly’s to run in this. It would have made me proud.
    Your Pal,

  6. Inagua


    Hostility is certainly part of it. I admit to an unhealthy facination with public nuisances who get caught committing fraud. Stew Leonard, Martha Stewart, and you provide hours of enjoyment. Watching you humiliate yourself by inches in public in very entertaining.

    What I don’t understand, Walt, is your greed with your own family. Why didn’t you give Marisa and Matt the money to keep the townhouse?

  7. Swindler's List

    The story of Walt Noel, an old Tennessee man, who saves his wife, five daughters, his five son-in-laws, their 20 grand-children, and assorted Brazilian relatives, the indignity of honestly working for a living.

    Years later, the Mr. Swindler will be remembered by those who he saved from making an honest living by leaving golf balls on his grave. The people who hated him will poop on his grave.

  8. Frontline

    I get the feeling Monica didn’t pay her publicist for this placement.


  9. Anonymous

    Here – Speak to my PR Guy. Mr Do Over:
    Thomas Mulligan at 212-573-6100 (office) or 310-367-6567 (mobile)

    He will explain to you how FGG was victimized. Even though I already explained it to you dummys I don’t know how many times.
    Your Pal,

  10. Walt

    OOOPPS.. That was me!!!
    Your Pal,