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Why I won’t miss newspapers

From the sounds of things, the owners of The New York Times had only enough money to pay themselves huge bonuses this year but not enough to keep their northern edition, The Boston Globe alive. So it’s to be good bye Globe.

Good bye and good riddance. U.S.newspapers have become tools of the state and serve only as Judas goats to lead the populace into oppression. How  deep in the tank are these sycophants? Well, they sit on their fat asses when the President of the United States, George Bush, walks into the White House press office – speaking truth to power, just like they learned in journo school – and jump to their feet like the puppets when Obama comes in. Video here.

Now, disrespecting the office of the president of the United States isn’t such a big deal – we’ve all grown used to the notion that U.S. reporters consider themselves “citizens of the world” with no allegiance to their country, but the video does illustrate exactly what the media denied so strenuously during the election: they’re Obama men, through and through.

More important, when the White House threatens private citizens with “destruction by the White House Press Corp” you would expect an independent press to protest being used to promote a politicians agenda. No such protest has been made – indeed, the story of such intimidation was ignored or buried by the tools themselves.

So the continued existence of a national press corp, in my opinion, is far more of a threat to liberty than its extermination because the reporters create the impression of independent, free-thinking individuals intent on ferreting out wrong doing. And to believe in that myth is to be in danger of falling into complacency. So so long, Boston Globe, adios, Seattle Intelligencer, Denver Post and all you other ink – stained wretches. I won’t miss you or your betrayal.


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He’s two men in one!

 Berlusconi claims he is world’s most popular leader

Berlusconi’s wife seeks divorce

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Judge October had better be a transgender black hispanic or he/she will never get approved by People for an American Way

Justice Souter to be replaced by October, Leahy vows

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Fascism has arrived

And as I suspected, when it came, the New York Times trumpeted it on its front page as good news.

WASHINGTON — Fresh from pushing Chrysler into bankruptcy, President Obama and his economic team are hoping that the hard line they took last week gives them leverage to force huge changes in General Motors, a far larger and more complex company.


Officials say that, difficult as Mr. Obama’s decision was on Wednesday to take all the risks of a Chrysler bankruptcy, the politics of reshaping G.M. will be far harder. Already a shadow of the company that once dominated the American landscape, G.M. will be forced to eliminate tens of thousands of additional jobs and close factories and dealerships nationwide.

So we now have state-run automobile and financial industries, medical care is next, followed closely by the ultimate dream of totalitarians of the left, complete control over all industry via the upcoming carbon dioxide regulations. This is going to be good.


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Politics or science?

Poor Obama has a problem: enforce Congress’s mandatory increase in the ethanol boondoggle or get rid of the mandate. He can do either, under the law as enacted, and according to the NYT, it’s proving a real poser. Mr. Obama’s campaign vow to put “science before politics” sounded fine when he was addressing pro-abortion advocates, but mid-western Democrats from the corn belt are another matter. By the way, the fact that the issue is even being considered answers the question of whether the One will honor his pledge: the decision is supposed to be made by the EPA, not the White House, so if the White House is claiming authority to decide how the EPA will rule, then it seems to me we’re already back to days of that ol Debbil’ Bush, eh? I expect the protesters to assemble on Pennsylvania Avenue tomorrow.


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