Fascism has arrived

And as I suspected, when it came, the New York Times trumpeted it on its front page as good news.

WASHINGTON — Fresh from pushing Chrysler into bankruptcy, President Obama and his economic team are hoping that the hard line they took last week gives them leverage to force huge changes in General Motors, a far larger and more complex company.


Officials say that, difficult as Mr. Obama’s decision was on Wednesday to take all the risks of a Chrysler bankruptcy, the politics of reshaping G.M. will be far harder. Already a shadow of the company that once dominated the American landscape, G.M. will be forced to eliminate tens of thousands of additional jobs and close factories and dealerships nationwide.

So we now have state-run automobile and financial industries, medical care is next, followed closely by the ultimate dream of totalitarians of the left, complete control over all industry via the upcoming carbon dioxide regulations. This is going to be good.


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6 responses to “Fascism has arrived

  1. ziusudrablog

    State-run auto industry and democratic medical care seem to bother you, too expensive maybe ? You probably mean communist, this is on the left. The Bush administration was definitely more on the right, fascism has left could be your title. But why bother with these classifications, what counts are the pragmatic measures. The fiat deal looks like a viable way to save jobs, but who knows how this will go on. The US health care system is among the worst and most expensive in the civilized world. If Obama creates a better health care for the general population, then what is wrong about it ? Healthy people are better workforce. Do you know how undemocratic and dicriminating the health care in the US is ? Should people suffer and die while billions of $ are being pumped into the finance sector ?

  2. Walt

    Dude –
    If this doesn’t scare you, nothing will. We are in deep hor… deep crap.
    This really is scary stuff.
    Off to HAPPY HOUR!!!
    Your Pal,

  3. anonymous

    Rapid-fire checks and balances of US political system, a globalized, competitive economy and 24/7 media cycle will ultimately save us from the commies, perhaps by next Congressional election cycle

  4. Peg

    Oh, I can’t wait, Christopher! Perhaps we Realtors will unionize, too. Then I can get “free” health care, a pension and actually be paid immediately when I work! I’m fantasizing already………….

    I just won’t LOOK at my equity holdings. If the government can simply confiscate your private investments – why would anyone purchase them anymore?

  5. OGRCC


    if this is facism, then I will take my chances.

    GOP = RIP