Well okay, sometimes crime does pay


Poor little guy is homeless!

Poor little guy is homeless!

Madoff trustee starts “hardship fund” for victims. Walter and Monica first to apply, Catharine Hooper follows.


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7 responses to “Well okay, sometimes crime does pay

  1. Walt

    Chris, Chris, Chris:
    The hardship fund should be started for you. Ask your readers. All three of them.
    Ever since the G.A.R princess spanked your ass (oop’s – I said ass – do I get censored?) and got you fired, and you had to team up with Frank Futter, and cold calling listings, your web site has gone down hill.
    Not from a quality of writing perspective, because you always sucked at that (can I say sucked?) but just from a posting perspective.
    GET WITH IT MAN!!! You have NO discernable talents. NONE!!! So don’t screw up your blog by being a flunky to G.A.R. It would be a shame.
    Anyway, I know you have no backbone, and this is hard for you. But trust me. Just like all my investors did. I won’t let you down.
    Your Pal,

  2. www.fggus.com

    Expiration date at network solutions, it for Noel’s Fairfield Greenwich Group site above set to expire December 2010. Can firm hold on for year and half and renew? Time will tell.


    Maybe Noel family get better website:
    but it no longer available. Did Noels take it?

    But http://www.waltermnoel.com
    still available. Get it while it lasts.


  3. www.walternoel.com

    you would think our walter noel would be so egotistical as to register his own name. however, a liberal canadian politician beat him to it.


  4. jason elizaitis

    this guy ran or still runs information technology at fairfield greenwich group.

    hey buddy, have you deleted all those emails between madoff and noel yet?

  5. www.MarisaBrown.com

    OK, http://www.walternoel.com is taken by a politician in Canada.

    OK, http://www.monicanoel.com is taken by a lady in Texas.

    But, http://www.MarisaBrown.com


    (name of Noel’s youngest daughter) is amazing. Check it out. What a career change. Congratulations, Marisa. Your husband, Matt Brown, is one lucky guy!

  6. pulled up in OG

    Up to $500K for hardship with daily living expenses.

    This Picard guy . . . he start out as a celebrity divorce lawyer?

  7. Walt

    You know what, Chris? I got up early this morning. And like I usually do, I thought about the events around me.
    Bernie is in jail. No surprise. Ezra is in deep do0 doo. No surprise their, either. Me? They put a lein on one of my four cottages. Big friggin deal. For $10 million no less!! It isn’t worth anything near that.
    Now, I have no intentions of leaving Greenwich. I was meant to live here, for Pete’s Sake. I fit in like a glove. But I do want to screw these folks.
    So I figure Round Hill is worth what – $5.0 or $6.0 million, right? But I list it with Futter & Fountain Realty!! Is that the name you guys decided on? Or did you go with Screw u Schills Inc? Or Sell Low Buy High? Anyway, I figure I give you the listing. I like you, my friend.
    Irving is the only one getting any money out of this deal anyway. So you get Round Hill, and you manage to move it for maybe $2.0 or possibly $2.5 if you are on your game, right? And that is very debatable. Do I care? NO. You get your commission, (do you remember what that is?) so you are happy. (dumb and fat would be redundant!) And Irv gets screwed. Brilliant I say!!
    It’s a plan my friend!! Albeit, no one is really charging me with anything. Nor will they. Because I did no wrong. But I do believe in planning.
    Anyway, wanted you to know I will take care of you.
    Your Pal,