This story just keeps getting better

What a Harvard man wants, he gets!

What a Harvard man wants, he gets!

Word is out that at least $50,000 of the $200,000 Stephen “Dido” Dent spent on his hooker girlfriends (pre-blackmail) was spent on breast implants, which confuses me a little bit. If you’re shopping for that kind of girl and money is irrelevant, can’t you just pay for one with big knockers? Are the pickings really so slim at that price range?

I have no experience as a whoremaster so perhaps I’m being naive, but I’m sure we’ll all learn more about the subject in tomorrow’s New York Post. They may have been scooped by the Greenwich Time today, but Greenwich, DuPont heir, hedge fund and hookers is just too good a story to pass up – I’ll bet they were out here all day today, working the story.

By the way, do you remember when the Greenwich police busted the johns at that Korean whorehouse in Cos Cob, just before Christmas one year? The cops were just so proud of themselves, patting themselves on the back, warning future perps that they were being targeted, and on an on. There was a bit of irony in all the cop’s pride because the bust came less than a year after one of their own had been doing some naked under-the-covers investigation of his own in a similar Old Greenwich establishment (right above Boston Chicken, for you thigh men) and had his gun and his badge stolen by robbers.

Whatever – I’d like to know how a self-confessed patron of the nocturnal arts can get nabbed twice and not be arrested, not have his name revealed – Greenwich Time had to pry Dent’s name from them under a FOI demand – and be treated as a victim instead of a criminal. Surely it can’t be because he’s a multi-millionaire. Surely?

hey kids, stay away from bad girls unless your dad's really, really rich!

hey kids, stay away from bad girls unless your dad's really, really rich!


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6 responses to “This story just keeps getting better

  1. New Buyer

    Just googled “Steve Dent Greenwich.” An appeal popped up re a lawsuit between Dent and a Riverside neighbor. Some nonsense about a tree. The name of the neighbor, however, is priceless — Lovejoy.

    Here is the link:

  2. anonymous

    Among the reasons many wealthy financiers refuse to retire is lack of excuses to have business dinners and post-dinner entertainment in Manhattan, London, etc; leafy Greenwich is awfully boring

  3. anony-moose

    Idiot. If he wanted paid-for tail, he should have gone for the higher-end professionals of that industry, whose reputations and livelihoods depend on not betraying the confidentiality of their customers. Remember, you’re not paying them to have sex with you, you’re paying them to leave immediately afterward.

  4. Chris K

    Well it looks like its not only the Market which is grossly deflated. Even the Hedge Hogs have to down market their purchases to the riskier Sex Workers. It is a shame that high pressure people can nolonger relieve their pressures in peace.

  5. Yo! I love this site. Here is the real Stephen Dent website.