Is there anyone in Greenwich who’s still sane and not under indictment?

Stay away from me with that purse, Peter. Peter!

Stay away from me with that purse, Peter. Peter!

Round Hill Road resident and Walt Noel neighbor Frederic Bourke feared that his business partner Peter Doone was trying to “inject him with harmful substances”.

May 9 (Bloomberg) — Jurors may be told that Frederic Bourke, the co-founder of handbag maker Dooney & Bourke who faces international bribery charges, believed business partner Peter Dooney was secretly injecting him with a “harmful substance.”.

Bourke goes on trial June 1 in New York federal court on charges that he helped Czech expatriate Viktor Kozeny pay bribes to government leaders in Azerbaijan in 1998 in a failed bid to take over the former Soviet republic’s state oil company.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Harry Chernoff said in court papers on May 7 that proof of Bourke’s “fears” may be relevant at the trial and that he may offer evidence that Bourke believed Dooney’s “agents” were “secretly injecting” him with “a harmful substance.” He also wants to show that Bourke and Kozeny “obtained the services of two prostitutes” while they were scouting for investments, demonstrating “the close relationship” between Bourke and Kozeny, Chernoff wrote.

U.S. prosecutors in 2005 said Kozeny, who had a home in Colorado, paid millions of dollars in bribes to Azeri leaders in attempt to buy a controlling stake in the state oil company in Azerbaijan, known as Socar. Bourke, one of Kozeny’s American investors, is alleged to have conspired with the Czech in violation of the Federal Corrupt Practices Act, the U.S. anti- bribery law, prosecutors said.

Kozeny now lives in the Bahamas and has successfully fought extradition to the U.S. in the case. Kozeny is also wanted by authorities in the Czech Republic, where he’s accused of stripping Czech companies of $1.1 billion.

Bourke invested $8 million with Kozeny. Other investors included hedge fund Omega Advisors Inc. and American International Group Inc., which haven’t been accused of wrongdoing. Dooney was not an investor in the deal.

Dooney laughed when told of Bourke’s alleged fear.

“I haven’t seen the guy in years and years,” Dooney said in an interview yesterday. “No secret injections. Categorically denied.”

Well of course, he would say that, wouldn’t he?


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9 responses to “Is there anyone in Greenwich who’s still sane and not under indictment?

  1. anonymous

    Allegations are worthless without good pics of the prostitutes and the “close relationship”

  2. eccentric

    wow this word eccentric mentioned in the bloomberg article just touches the surface in an analysis of this former great rhc squash player bourke

    anyone who knows bourkes children can see the apples did not fall far from the tree

    absolute power corrupts absolutely

  3. Inagua

    Interesting that Bahamas wouldn’t extradite. I believe Anders Piedrahita is a non-US citizen. Maybe he can avoid trial by staying out of the country.

  4. Divorce Court

    Now we can see why his first wife Nonie dropped him like a hot potato. No more Ford in his future. Spoiled brat.

  5. Walt

    Dude –
    Be careful on this one. Bourke will sue you. He really is bat shit crazy, has tons of dough, and could be a royal pain in your ass. So, while I like to read about him, think it deserves the post, he is not worth getting involved with. But it’s your blog. Hey, I am getting sued, and I didn’t do anything. And I can prove I did nothing. Not one friggin thing.
    Your Pal,
    P.S. – Tell Hiram he is more annoying as anal retentive Hiram than he is as Fake Walt. Proof and Post COPY BOY!!!

    • christopherfountain

      Thanks for the warning, Walt. You’ll notice that I took your advice to heart. Ah, the freedom that comes from being judgment-proof!

  6. Cotswood

    I happen to know Ric Bourke, as well as all of his kids, and honestly don’t see how someone can claim they “didn’t fall far from the tree” with respect to eccentricity. This could be said, however, with respect to their generosity and fun-loving nature.
    Mr. Bourke is a philanthropist above all else. That will be his legacy, not the BS you guys seem to love spreading about him.

    • christopherfountain

      Hey there, I’m just picking up news stories about the upcoming trial, and my last post was not meant to attack him but quite teh opposite. Check the link to the original sources and go to the commments defending Bill Clinton. These people see absolutely nothing wrong with what Clinton is said to have done and if so, you’d expect them to show the same indifference to what Bourke is said to have done. the fact that Clinton will never be questioned byy a prosecutor and Bourke will go on trial June 1st says bad things about our country.