Is this what Noel’s boy Andres is up to?

Listen do you want to know a secret? Doo wha doo

Listen do you want to know a secret? Doo wha doo

Business Insider reports that Allen Stanford, the Little Madoff of this year’s crop of Ponzi artists, has been a DEA informant for the past ten years, ratting out his Colombian and South American drug dealer banking clients. It’s suggested that this is why he has yet to be arrested and I wonder whether Walt Noel’s son in law, Andres Piedrahita isn’t working the same vein. He’s got the connections, the same rumors about money laundering are swirling around him and yet there he sits, tanned, happy and just a little bit pudgy. It’s a good strategy for fending off the feds, I suppose, but my understanding of Colombian drug lords is that they’re very sensitive to slights on their honor and really get pissed off when people turn them over to the U.S. Government for prosecution. If so, Walt better invest in a good alarm system for his Round Hill cottage – these guys go after the extended family, I read.


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11 responses to “Is this what Noel’s boy Andres is up to?

  1. Social Moths

    The Noel clan, especially the madre, is attracted to money like the moth is attracted to the light. Let’s get out the Noel sized bug zapper.

  2. Cos Cobber

    Wasn’t Bernie the Noel sized bug zapper?

  3. Blind Brook

    You can be sure the Noel entourage is working out a deal with the Feds or they would be hit by now. If I were Robert Douglass I wouldn’t be hosting parties for them (which most of their “friends” won’t attend), but checking out flights to Brazil. I am sure Monica’s Swiss Brazilian family has a spare bedroom.

  4. Fake Walt

    As if those pesky lawsuits weren’t enough, I now have to worry about Colombian drug lords coming to Greenwich. No worries…I have hired actors to stay at my “cottage” and act as decoys. These actors look and feel like the real Noels. They
    hobnobed at the Round Hill Country Club and no one batted an eyelash.

    Off to Zurich

    Kind regards,
    Fake Walt

  5. Money sniffers

    That Noel family can smell out a penny in the bottom of a pig pen. But at the last minute, Monica would have their Brazilian house frau pick it out. Then Monica would deposit it.

    Are there any favorable posts on this family?

  6. Wally

    Favorable posts? In all fairness, the daughter Alix is a really nice person, and her children are well mannered and nice, too.

    • christopherfountain

      Well good, that will help them fit in at the homeless shelter, where good manners are treasured and rare.

  7. Wally

    (money sniffers asked for a favorable post!)

  8. Walt

    Wow. Tough crowd.
    Your Pal,

  9. Don't ask, Don't tell

    I don’t think the “don’t ask, don’t tell” defense will hold up in Court.
    The Judge will ask Noel, was it was your job to ask and tell? Even a Judge will see Noel is no “victim” and force this asshole Noel to give up the big payouts.